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Circa Bookcloth Notebook 4.5 5 138 138
circa poem roses are red violets are blue don't be a jerka start using circa April 18, 2010
Poem I'm a Circa Star with the silver rings... the envy of those with just the spiral things. In deep dark purple my clothbound book; I take it too meetings colleagues question and look. Get your Circa- Levenger Rocks! It will come to you in an awesome green box. April 15, 2010
Organize your world! I am a middle school teacher and use my circa notebook as lesson plan book, grade book, and a wee little section for my personal calendar. It is such a powerful tool, and the bookcloth cover is both attractive and really durable. Wouldn't want to work without it. October 22, 2008
Very Functional and Affordable I just added the cloth covers to my growing collection of Cira products. I have both a Compact and a Junior. Great poduct if you are looking for a happy medium between the thin and light plastic covers and the bulky leather. The elastic strap is the key part that sets it apart from the other covers and makes it a winner. You'll never worry about it coming open when it shouldn't. December 11, 2007
Sturdy, Sensible, Striking So, with apologies to the uneasy ghost of Richard Nixon, I eschewed the pretty leather Circa covers and went with the resepectable-cloth-coat version for my hardworking everyday Circa. And I love it! The covers are stitched, not sewn, and the texture is deeply pleasing to anyone who's spent a lot of time with library books. The blue I chose looks sharp and professional, the loops (pen and elastic) are very sturdy, and the tabs are of the usual high Levenger quality. I expect to enjoy this set for many years. July 27, 2013
Great Disappointment I am an international traveler and was very excited to be introduced to the Levenger product family. The only item from those that I have order in which I am disappointed is this notebook cover. It picks up every bit of lint that it comes in contact with through my day. I am embarrassed to take it into important meetings, and that is why I purchased it. Very frustrating to have spent the money on this. I wish I had found the leather substitute binder and ordered it instead. I can't justify spending more money to buy a new one but wish I wasn't a responsible Mom and could justify just throwing this one away. Sigh. July 20, 2013
Great Notebook I purchased the bookcloth notebook cover a year or so ago to replace/supplement an older notebook with plastic covers and a fabric covered spine (don't remember what it was called). The bookcloth notebook is working well. It is durable, no scratches mar its covers and the pen loop hasn't lost it's stretch. (both problems with the older notebook I was replacing). Cat fur and dust don't seem to stick to it, haven't had any issue keeping it clean (also haven't spilled anything on it either). After using it almost daily, it still looks very good after a year. Its my main notebook for consulting, so it's in an out of my bag all the time. June 11, 2013
Functional but Poor Quality I bought this notebook back in late 2010. I was immediately disappointed, but being frugal, I kept using it to "get my money's worth". Functionally, it does what a notebook cover should do. First, it provides stability for writing when you cannot have the notebook on the desk. Second, it protects all of the pages of the notebook from outside world. Aesthetically and quality wise I think it left much to be desired. First, the fabric will attract and hold all manners of dust and debris. The notebook required several rolls with a tape roller every day to keep it looking even sort of decent. Second, within a week of receiving it, I noticed a large dent in the padding of the notebook. It was very easy to see and drove me absolutely mad. I do not know how it was caused, but whatever the padding is made of should be more resiliant than to be so quickly misshapen. Between the dust and the dent, I kept the notebook open virtually all of the time - thereby negating one of its functional aspects (protecting your work). When an analyst consultant joined our team, I was quick to show off Circa. She loved it but I did warn her not to purchase the bookcloth notebook because of the issues I had. She purchased the leather version. One year later, her leather notebook cover looked like new despite being taken on flights across the US each week. I've finally given up on the bookcloth notebook cover. I put a clear plastic cover on my work until I get the leather one I've ordered but is on backorder. I am confident that the leather will hold up better, and kicking myself for 1) choosing the bookcloth first and 2) waiting this long to replace something that was clearly sub par. At least it did not hinder my love for Circa in general! March 24, 2013
Stylish! I just received my junior sized notebook in Plum and am thrilled. I was a bit skeptical at first based on some older reviews which noted that the color was "ugly" and wasn't purple at all. I called customer service rep who confirmed that it was a pretty shade of purple (happened to be both of our favorite color). Very nice packaging and was in excellent condition. The color is very rich and is spot on to the color in the picture. January 30, 2013
On the fence about my choice in cover This is my first circa i have ever purchased and my first experience with Levenger. I love the ease and how it assists me in keeping me organized. The simplicity of the pages with the great dividers and pocket folders are fabulous! Unfortunately I purchased this in black and it shows every spec of dirt and dust. I am continuously brush it off and I am to the point it is looking very worn and I have only had it for ~5 months. I would definately go with a leather cover next time when i can fit it into my budget. January 29, 2013
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