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Levenger Staff Go Bag 4.4 5 15 15
Great bag I'm always searching for things - my phone, keys, notebook, pen - and this purse solves that problem. October 27, 2013
Levenger Staff NO-go Bag I purchased the Staff Go Bag for a very specific purpose. It doesn't go anywhere, except the passenger seat of my car. The straps are long enough to sling over headrest, so I don't use the seatbelt to secure it.. Within easy reach, the outside pockets hold glasses for day and evening wear; pen, paper, stylus and paper for jotting short notes. The inner pocket is ample enough for my laptop and accessories. I leave it lengthwise, for quick access. Items I don't need cluttering up (and weighing down) my handbag, go in the other Staff Bag compartments, at my fingertips, always at my fingertips. October 26, 2013
Fills My Unusual Needs I am a surgical photographer, which means I need a cross body bag that can hold photo gear and that can also be washed in very hot water. It is also helpful if the bag will stay open on the floor, since I need to be in and out of it constantly to change lenses and camera cards. This lovely bag does everything I need, and also looks like it will squish well under an airline seat. When I travel, I carry a violin case like a backpack, so my other carryon needs to have outside pockets for tickets and ID, water, a banana and and lots of gum! I'm pretty sure this one is a winner. I've packed it as though I were going off to do a freelance, and fyi it holds a medium sized SLR body and two lenses, one of which is a large close up lens. Plus my iPad and my Air, small speakers, chargers and batteries, my plastic bag of liquids, meds, wallet and enough underwear to see me through a lost bag episode. And even loaded like that, it rides comfortably without interfering with the violin case. Quite wonderful! I would like one pocket on the outside that either closes magnetically or zips, but they're deep enough that nothing falls out unless the pocket is loaded right to the top. Good sturdy zipper, easy to use one handed. Thanks ;-) October 5, 2013
Great bag This is a great bag for hauling all my stuff to and from work every day. The bag is very sturdy and well made, and the pockets are very handy. August 13, 2013
great bag When I received the bag it seemed smaller than the description, so measured it & sure enough - it is 14" wide, not 17" as described. I called & customer service did a great job of sending out a new bag immeadiately. Only problem - new bag is also only 14"w. (a problem if you are expecting to get a larger laptop in the bag). Description shoud be updated. I like the bag, its' many pockets, long inside pocket, and material - sturdy, but not stiff. I agree with other reviews which suggest: additional zip pocket inside, extended top zipper for better access, & outside of the bag perhaps a full length pocket on one side (or two full length pockets on the same side) I didn't give 4 stars as bag really needs better access. However, I really like the fabric & color of the staff bags. I've purchased a 'staff bag' in almost every style for all my varied projects & traveling needs. July 18, 2013
*almost* the perfect bag! I've been using the Go Bag as my purse every day for over 4 months now, and it comes the closest any bag has ever come to perfection. I am insanely picky about purses, and I never bother to write reviews, but I really love this bag. It's insanely sturdy; it holds its shape; it has a long, adjustable strap; and it's practically made of pockets. The deeper pockets are great for sunglasses, iPods, a phone, and the interior iPad pocket is the same sturdy material as the rest. I don't have to worry about it ripping out. So far it is holding up to regularly carrying an iPad in addition to the rest of my hoard. The flaws are few but glaring in a bag. It needs a small interior zip pocket and it needs some of the external pockets to close. The obvious downside to this bag is when it gets knocked over, everything falls out of the pockets. Having 12 pockets to organize all my stuff is great; I carry a lot of stuff. But if the deep pockets, or all the pockets on one side, could have a magnetic or snap closure, it would be AWESOME. I I bought it on sale, and found the sale price very reasonable for the product. July 6, 2013
OK, but the color is changing I like the bag, even though it could use a few improvements (lighter color inside, additional inside pocket, slightly less beefy fabric). But I've had to stop using it because the grey color has changed in a few places from grey to a rusty color. I haven't abused it so am not sure what happened. February 6, 2013
I LOVE this bag! This is the perfect bag! It is lightweight when not filled, and is so comfortable to carry! I fill it with my Ipad, my datebook, and still have so much room for my cosmetic bag and wallet, and everything else I need to carry! And if I want to lighten my load and leave my heavier items at home when running to the store, it falls a little flatter, and does not stay puffed out, which is great. It definitely conforms to your body wherever it's placed, and it's comfortable! I love that I can easily carry my phone, glasses, keys, lip balm, and powder compact in all the outside pockets! If I need to grab something quick, I don't need to fish around inside my bag. It is wonderful! It is great quality, and the strap is long enough to hit my waist! It is so hard to find long enough straps for someone who has a long torso. I was a little weary when ordering because some of the other reviews were quite mean, but don't listen to them, this bag is great. My mom even loved it so much that she just ordered the Staff Bag, that is made from the same material. It's great to take to my job where I have to dress up, and even great to take out after work while I'm wearing jeans and a tshirt. I love levenger! Thank you for making the perfect bag for me! December 12, 2012
Super bag ! I purchased this bag quite recently, and as usual, it joins my other Levenger purchases as a favorite. Ideal for travel, even around town doing errands. Easily fits my iPad, and all other daily essentials. I have used the Bloomsbury Bookbag for cross-country travel for years, but with the zipper closure on this bag, it is even more useful. I can tell this will stand up to years of use. All my Levenger items stand the test of time. December 2, 2012
I am so disappointed! I have been looking at ths bag for quite a while but was so disappointed when I finally got it! It is smaller than expected and the fabric is thin and unlined! Shapeless and collapses when not full. It looks like worn out canvas which I did not see in the photo. Not a professional bag in any way! Love Levenger but will stick with the leather bags which are exceptional! November 22, 2012
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