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Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Laptop Messenger
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Bomber Jacket Messenger

Price: $249.00
Item: AL7405
Bomber Jacket’s leather messenger bag
If you’re often traversing teeming city streets or navigating busy airports, it’s helpful to keep both hands free while carrying your necessities. Our sleek and slim Bomber Jacket Messenger Bag allows you to do just that.
  • Can accommodate your iPad, Kindle, Nook or other electronic reader
  • Long adjustable strap
  • 2 compartments accommodate letter-size file folders and a letter-size notebook or note pad
  • Pockets inside the main compartment hold cell phone, PDA, business cards and 3 x 5 cards, and 2 pens
  • Handy hook for keys
  • Zippered compartments on both the inside and outside hold personal items
  • Cover flap’s magnetic closure keeps contents secure
  • Pebbled, full-grain mocha leather
  • Plaid twill lining
  • 2 pounds
  • 12 1/2W x 2D x 13 1/2H

Why co-founder Steve Leveen loves this leather...
It is Bomber Jacket leather's equal dose of practical and pleasing qualities that makes it one of the most popular we've ever sold, and explains why you'll find so many products at Levenger crafted from this special American leather. Enjoy the warmth of the thick leather, the supple feel of the pebbled surface that makes your hand not want to let go, and the scent of this expertly tanned mocha leather that can make you smile without even knowing it. We back it with durable cotton twill plaid lining, top-flight zippers, and rugged nickel hardware.

Bomber Jacket Messenger 4.9 5 63 63
The Go-to Bag For an urbanite who walks a lot between the occasional bus, el and subway rides, a comfortable, spacious and handsome bag is not an accessory but a basic necessity. Large enough to accept an oversize magazine without rolling, folding or bending; slim profile that doesn't intrude on a crowded bus or train; easy access flap that still offers security; and the only bag for men I've owned with a strap allowing easy over-the-head, cross-body wear. This one has it all, with durability that promises that rugged aging only attained by the finest leather. It's not a purchase. It's the beginning of a long friendship. May 8, 2014
Perfect! I realize this bag was designed for a man, but I purchased it for a quick trip to Paris and then to use after my return for client meetings. The idea for client meetings is that I can grab my iPad and my client specific Circa notebook and quickly run to my meetings. Great organizational attributes and the fact that it is lightweight has made this bag perfect for both Paris and client meetings. June 11, 2015
Usable for short trip. I like my new messenger bag. The quality is great and it is very functional. The space is somewhat limited, but great for short trips. I carry my Bible and circa notebook plus a Kendall reader and a few other items. If you buy this item, I believe you will not be disappointed. March 12, 2015
So glad I got it! I have been wanting this messenger for a couple years now and Levenger just made it impossible to resist with such a great sale. The leather is awesome.. .soft and durable and I love the plaid interior. Way to go Levenger. Timeless. January 29, 2015
Perfect! I was tired of dragging a larger bag with me everywhere and wanted something smaller. This bag was exactly what I wanted. Not only is it the perfect size for my sketchbook and iPad Mini, but it forced me to streamline and get rid of a lot of useless detritus I was carrying in my larger bag. As an added bonus, the leather smells great! October 2, 2014
Sophisticated, sensible, stylish! Purchased for my husband, his official introduction to the "man handbag" after using a small over the shoulder bag in Europe. He found the bag a bit clumsy at first as the leather is so supple it sags a bit in the middle. This makes it difficult to hang without increasing the sag in the center. After he got used to the dimensions, and found that sagging is avoided if hung across multiple horizontal hooks, this is now his favourite bag. He takes it everywhere now, and loves the utilitarian benefit it offers while looking much more smart than canvas or synthetic fabric bags. July 28, 2014
Lookin' good! I've been looking for the right-sized messenger for a while. I still have my first pouch, the midsize, and the large (the "Levenger Bomber Jacket Backpack Brief" which is a larger version of this .. great for taking out of town but somehow larger than life). I was at a loss to fill the space. I even (if you can believe) put the very first pouch in one of the pockets to hold 'extra cards and checkbooks.' I found that 'Hoss' was great .. the backpack straps make airports and other luggage-intense venues a snap. But just too big! The geometry of this Messenger is very similar to Hoss, especially when it comes to wallet, phone, etc. - and it will hold an 8-1/2x11 binder and a tablet. It just doesn't have to gatemouth into holding a 15" laptop. July 5, 2014
My Birthday present What can I say my family knows me. My Mom bought this for me for my birthday, and I was excited because I had my eyes on it for a while. It's perfect for an ipad, a notebook, a couple cables and a keyboard (for the ipad if you're inclined) and my bomber jacket pen wrap. Looks stylish, comfortable to wear. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a handle, just the strap. But once you get used to it, not a big deal. March 30, 2014
Unexpectedly roomy Though its profile is slim, this Messenger bag holds much more than I expected: two Circa leather notebooks (one letter, one junior) plus my Macbook Pro slipped in sideways. The interior pockets are handy, and the outside zippered slot affords quick access to frequently used items. I like the sturdy construction and the plaid lining is a nice change of pace from the usual dark interior that lines most women's bags. I know this was designed with a man in mind, but it's quickly becoming my go-to bag. March 12, 2014
One small improvement? This was a Christmas gift from my wife. If I didn't love her so much already,this bag would have sealed the deal! As most other comments have said, it's gorgeous, great size, amazing leather, comfortable strap...and that's where I ask if anyone else has had this issue: the strap slips off of everything I've worn. Granted it is winter in Vermont but I have a variety of coats, not just parkas. Is there any kind of a leather sleeve that would slide over the strap to place at the shoulder position to hold it there better? Just wondering. I'm wearing it cross-body for now. March 11, 2014
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