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Circa Balanced Life Stepped Project Notebook 5 5 5 5
Stoked about Stepped I'm chronically disorganized. My desk invariably turns into a pile of papers; and I have a terrible time keeping track of details. Counterintuitively, in my work I've become responsible for a number of projects, each with a myriad details. Although my work is primarily digital, I manage better with visual systems. I've only been using this notebook for a few days, but I'm already finding it to be extremely effective. I keep written summaries of my projects in the notebook, so I can refer quickly to important details when asked a question. I'm crossing my fingers. This might be a system that works for me. Levenger, PLEASE create refills for this notebook. I already own a number of junior-size covers, and it's a waste to keep buying more. (In fact I'm about to buy 5 more of these notebooks). August 20, 2013
An Efficient and Useful tool This Stepped Project Notebook is a very efficient and useful addition to the Circa line. Professionally I routinely have several projects occurring simultaneously. This notebook became instantly useful upon arrival, as its format allows me to quickly turn to the project in question and stay on-task. As a matter of fact, I just ordered another. March 19, 2013
An Exceptional Organizational Mechanism In terms of usefulness and overall value I rank the Stepped Project design right next to the Circa concept itself! The more I use these pages, the more instances I find to apply the system to other aspects of projects as well as notes and record keeping. And I use other other Circa and Behance products in conjunction, such as the Circa Task Pads and the Behance "Action Method" formats. I have several sets of the Stepped Project pages in one notebook and use 1" discs for that quantity. I consider each aspect of my life as a project and therefore have projects such as Health, Electronics, Auto, et al. (These are all in one notebook) I, also, have separate Stepped Project notebooks for areas such as Books and Reading, in which each book that I read is a "Project" and the stepped system allows me to separately detail specifics of the book's content, quotations, references and further reading, and the outline for a book review. In a sense, each "Project" section is a gathering point for notes, thoughts and ideas, info from publications and others, etc. A quote from Behance summarizes the role the Stepped Project notebooks play in my life: "Peace of mind and productivity starts when you know where everything is!" And this system helps me achieve that. January 12, 2013
Excellent...if they last These pages are the answer to my organizational issues. I was so excited to find them...but I've loved other circa products in the past, only to have them disappear. I want to buy up a supply before that happens, but I have way more covers and discs than I will ever need...I just need the pages. I wish they sold refills! June 18, 2012
The answer.... to all of my to-do list issues. I have been tyring to figure out how to keep multiple project/life area to-do lists easily accessible and visible in one portable place. I have finally found it. This little book is definteily a lifesaver - my only concern is that Levenger doesn't have refills noted on the website, unless I missed that - will defintely want to purchase some. May 15, 2012
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