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Majorca Wallet 4.6 5 5 5
sensible evening wallet Bought this mainly for use as a evening wallet/purse. Room enough to hold my phone,a small amount of makeup and my cc plus cash. Neutral color so goes fairly well with outfits. May 18, 2013
Nice--with a few reservations This wallet's positive features include plenty of card slots, a phone compartment big enough to hold a large Android phone (they tend to be larger than iPhones), nice colors (mine was a lovely powder blue), supple leather that feels pleasant to the touch but still seems very durable and, surprisingly, stain-resistant. And the pen loop was a nice touch. However--and this is a major however--the currency slot is just too short. It is extremely hard to get currency in and out and to keep it flat, and impossible to do this quickly and efficiently. Adding perhaps a quarter inch on either side would probably fix that. And there's really no good place for change, unless one doesn't mind having it rattling around in the phone area. You could use the stash pocket, of course, but it's not very accessible from the front, doesn't hold much, and adds to the wallet's overall bulk. The other thing--the wallet is described as something that could be used as a clutch, but it would be helpful to have a wrist strap as well, preferably one that could be detached at least from one end. That way, it could be secured to the handle of a briefcase or larger bag and carried more easily with other items--as a clutch, it is extremely awkward to carry under one arm. One could also slip it through a keyring and thus keep keys together with wallet--car keys are bulky these days, and one generally carries more than one key. Unfortunately, althougn I used this wallet for several months, I ended up switching to something smaller and lighter, with a wrist strap and a compartment that exactly fits my Android phone. Although I can't carry as many cards, and I have to fold my currency in half, it has an easliy accessible change pocket and a wrist strap, and it is much easier to slip into a jacket pocket or a small bag. Finally, please take into consideration that there are plenty of Android users out there as well as iPhone users, and the phone compartments may not be big enough to handle the largest ones, especially if they have durable cases, like Otterboxes. With its neoprene and plastic case, my phone takes up almost all of that compartment, leaving little room for anything else. I'd be willing to trade compactness for functionality, however. April 11, 2013
Excellent Design and Good Functionality I found this wallet of immense use and functionality. The leather and workmanship are of high quality. For function, the small zippered section holds my credit cards as well as my membership cards for various places. Small business cards fit into the pockets of the small zippered section as well. With the larger zipper wide enough for my cel phone, this is all I need to carry for a quick trip. The wallet also has a small zipper inside the larger zippered section - great for a bit of loose change. The slight downside is that the pockets in the small zip section are just a few millimeters short of fitting dollars bills comfortably - hence I put bills in the larger section. Overall though, an excellent design! April 6, 2013
Excellent wallet This wallet is excellent, holds lots of credit cards, even my phone (in a bulky Otterbox case) fits in the larger section. My only complaint is that the card pockets are very tight, but they may stretch with use, and the currency pockets are a little small. Otherwise, it is very stylish and well designed. I got it on sale which made it an excellent value for a leather wallet. April 6, 2013
really nice wallet The leather is of excellent quality. I purchased it in hard-to-leave-behind red and really like it. It has plenty of room for your credit-sized cards in the smaller zip section and more room for other stuff in the main zippered pocket. It is worth the regular price and a super deal if you happen to catch it on sale. March 1, 2013
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