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Kyoto Circa Discs, 3/4 inch Medium (Set of 11)

Price: $25.00
Item: ADS3375
Circa discs - “bling” for your Circa notebook
For a finishing touch to your Circa notebook, choose our new Circa discs in a beautiful Kyoto resin with touches of turquoise, lavender, espresso and caramel. These unique Circa discs are ideal for use with our Circa Leather Foldover Notebooks (available separately).
  • Set of 11 discs, enough for 1 letter-size notebook, or 1 junior plus 1 Circa Jotlet™ Translucent Notebook
  • Inner diameter of each disc is 3/4-inch, holding up to 120 pages
Kyoto Circa Discs 34quot set of 11 4.3 5 12 12
Style The colors and pattern of the discs is an excellent match for the saddle leather circa jacket I purchased. July 6, 2013
Kyoto discs tear paper In December of 2012 I purchased a Lakota letter-size notebook which included the Kyoto discs. They tear the pages which cannot be easily turned. I remade a set of pages three times because the little punch tabs were shredded. I have removed the Kyoto discs and put them in a drawer. The plain black plastic and aluminum discs function nicely. The discs are beautiful but destructive and expensive. March 19, 2012
A Justifiable Indulgence I'm a ridiculously practical person who believes in the occasional indulgence. Kyoto discs are my splurge. When I pick up my black leather foldover compact notebook bound with Kyoto discs, I feel the simple joy that comes when you surround yourself with everyday objects that bring delight. Each disc is a small kaleidoscope of shimmering color. While the 1 inch discs are more variegated with a mosaic of jumbled shades, the 3/4 inch have larger chips of color that are more satisfying to look at. They are worth the price when used in your favorite PDA, compact or junior Circa notebook. Like the right accessories worn with the always-fashionable little black dress, Kyoto discs greatly enhance a leather Circa notebook, adding style and panache to the everyday. November 29, 2010
Need larger size These are great looking, but too small for most Circa binders and needs. Levenger needs to offer a variety of size options. March 26, 2009
Pretty but Pricey I bought these rings to go with my leather junior notebook, and they look great! I wish they came in a larger size. They are too expensive to use on all of your notebooks, so if you don't care about looks, I would stick with the black ones. March 19, 2009
Lovely to look at These discs are beautiful to look at, however, they are not really worth the price as the black ones do the same thing without the extra cash. They are, however, very pretty and for those of us who like "pretty" they may be worth the price. I wouldn't buy another set. February 25, 2009
Please make them in larger sizes!! I love these rings. Yes, they are a bit more pricey, but well worth it. I put mine on a black leather fold over notebook, and they sure gave life to my notebook- just beautiful. I would like to see them in 1 inch style for my planner. October 14, 2008
I hope Levenger offers these in the Starry Night If would be great if Levenger offered these disks in the "Starry Night" resin?????????? October 9, 2008
Does Not Live Up To The Hype While these are attractive, they just don't measure up to the previous glorious evaluations. They're pretty. Period. They prettier than the plain ones, and I don't regret getting them, but they're not worth the price. September 11, 2008
Make a great gift These disks are pricy (4 times the cost of normal Circa disks), but they make a great gift for devoted Circa lovers. My husband & I each got a set as gifts. They look gorgeous with my Bomber foldover and in his Bomber zipper cover. My 12-year-old daughter requested a set for her birthday. They are going to look beautiful with her blue bookcloth cover, which will bring out the blue color in the rings. These things are too expensive to use on every notebook we have, but they are just the right touch for our "best" notebooks! July 31, 2008
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