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Kyoto Circa Discs, 1 inch (Set of 11)

Price: $25.00
Item: ADS3915
Circa discs: "Bling" for your Circa notebook
For a finishing touch to your Circa notebook, choose our new Circa discs in a beautiful Kyoto resin with touches of turquoise, lavender, espresso and caramel. These unique Circa discs are ideal for use with our Circa Leather Foldover Notebooks (available separately).
  • Set of 11 discs, enough for 1 letter-size notebook, or 1 junior plus 1 Circa Jotlet™ Translucent Notebook
  • Inner diameter of each disc is 1 inch, holding up to 150 pages
Kyoto Circa Discs 1quot set of 11 4.4 5 7 7
Poem: Circa Zen Kyoto is the Enso, connecting all my World with its beauty. April 14, 2010
Love the Pop of Color Highly recommend Circa products. July 6, 2013
Class with Bling I contemplated getting these for awhile but in the end took the plunge. Well worth it. I do not know that I would do it for every notebook. For the notebook I carry around all day every day definitely! It brightens up my day a little every time I see them. April 6, 2013
Disappointed Just bought the Kyoto notebook. The 3/4 discs seemed too small since the cover and pages wouldn't turn easy. I decided to get the 1" discs, which arrived today. The new notebook isn't even full and the pages and cover are really difficult to turn. I'm so disappointed. Spent too much money for this to not functionally work. Really like the concept. There must be another option. September 10, 2011
Organization with Style I purchased these discs for my everyday circa jacket in the standard tan leather. I am constantly receiving comments in meetings, or wherever I might pull out my circa to do some work. They are a lovely mixture of color and add much to the circa line of products. As always, I would like anything to be a little less expensive. April 26, 2011
Spiffy These are a set of stylish discs indeed. The turquoise, amber, espresso medley with mother of pearl flecks is very appealing. Am using them with a Ravello Circa folder and think they go very well together. Two drawbacks- not good value for money and the whole diameter of the discs should have had a shine and not just the rim. July 26, 2010
Exquisite Colors, Perfect Size I think that the Kyoto line is an exquisite line in terms of artistic beauty. I keep picking up these discs and holding them to the light just to see the beautiful glowing colors. The disc size is just right for me - I can carry around my agenda plus some extra papers without worrying that things will start coming apart. (The extra large 1-1/2-inch ones are really too big for anything but storage IMHO, and then what is the point of these pretty discs?) I like to use the Kyoto discs inside the eggplant-colored Carezza cover. It really pulls out the amethysts and pinks. Am getting a matching Kyoto pen. January 27, 2010
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