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L-Tech 3.0 Rollerball

Price: $79.00
Item: AP12645
Presenting the L-Tech 3.0 rollerball plus stylus
The precision-crafted power tool in solid machined brass reaches the next level of writing and browsing convenience in the L-Tech 3.0. As always, the L-Tech rollerball pen is engineered for premium performance, expertly weighted for a satisfying feel in the hand, with its faceted barrel tapering off to a comfortable textured grip. L-Tech 3.0 converts easily to a stylus pen, too, and includes not just one but two optional stylus points, one in silicone and the other in a new patented touchscreen-sensitive mesh fabric.
  • Comes in a durable metal storage box you can personalize
  • Solid brass alloy barrel
  • Threaded cap posts securely on the barrel
  • Choose metallic Chrome, or matte black Stealth finish and appointments
  • Easily converts to a stylus pen by removing the flat top and replacing with one of the stylus points
  • Includes both a mesh fabric and silicone rubber stylus point
  • 5 7/16L x 7/16 diameter; 2 oz
  • We offer refills
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LTech 30 Rollerball 4.9 5 12 12
L-Tech eL-Star This pen has already displaced all others on my desk. Initially, I thought it would just be useful to have both pen for what little writing I do in this day and age, combined with the stylus that will keep fingerprints off my tablet and/or smartphone. I like the weight and balance of the pen which makes for an enjoyable feel weather writing or sketching. Good design and quality materials. I think this was a great buy. July 31, 2014
Very nice rollerball For me, the two key strengths are: 1. Fine point, rollerball, smooth flowing ink with a narrow line. I need this to mark up computer output that I normally print in 2-up format (two pages to a side of each sheet of paper). 2. High quality fiber stylus works very well with my many touchscreen devices. I've experiment with many different fiber styli and this is among the most functional. So far, the device has never failed to recognize my taps and drags, and it slides very smoothly on the glass surfaces. The added benefit is that I can buy replacements in case this one ever wears out. (I've found that my other fiber styli do eventually wear through and then I'm stuck buying an entire new stylus. This is a much better arrangement. The downsides for me are that the roller ball is quite heavy (a nice solid feel, but maybe a bit too much for most applications) and is too large around to fit in my leather pen "protector" that I attach to my belt so I can wear pocketless t-shirts in typical computer geek style... I'm planning to buy a ballpoint equivalent next time they go on sale to wear on my belt. I'll continue to use the rollerball for its smooth ink flow when I'm sitting at my desk. September 29, 2014
Great Pen Love the pen s style and feel. Writes great and love it with my IPad. September 25, 2014
My favorite pen Solid and heavy a real great feeling pen in your hand. Smooth writing September 14, 2014
Great product I love the cloth stylus which works great on my phone and tablet. The rollerball is smooth writing and doesn't skip. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the pen is too heavy and slightly too big around. September 11, 2014
Finally Found My Favorite I have several Levenger pens already. The L-Tech 3.0 is the my new favorite. Roller-ball is smooth and the ink is instantly put to paper. The mass rest well in hand. Its size fits well within my larger hand. I have found the stylus points perfect for the phone, tablet, and touch screen computer. September 10, 2014
Amazing Pen This is an amazing product. The stylus points work great with the smartphone and tablet screens. I prefer a heavier pen and this is pretty heavy and bulky. The ink flows smooth and refills are quick and easy. An excellent product. September 4, 2014
L-Tech 3.0 rollerball with stylus Another exceptional writing instrument from Levenger. A bit heavier than I expected, but I am adjusting to it. The interchangeable styli are a nice touch, as is the ability to not use either stylus. August 23, 2014
In some ways an improvement on Rotring 600 I love the Rotring 600, but it is too expensive. The weight and balance of this pen are almost as good. But I love the screw on cap and the fact that it also carries a tip for writing on my iPad. August 21, 2014
Domenicks Opinion This is a truly great pen. I use fountain pens exclusively at home but wanted something to take with me on business and I recently discovered how well the mesh stylus works. I was surprised when it arrive to find it's a very large pen, It looks slim in the photograph but it actually is as big as my Duofold Centennial.. Good heft and vary well made. Writes like a dream.. As good as many more expensive pens. My only criticism is once you attach the stylus it no longer will fit in the box but I don't expect it will spend much time here anyway. Another great Levenger product. August 20, 2014
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