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LTech Stealth Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus 3.9 5 7 7
Quality Pen, Great Stroke, bit big for me This is not a criticism just a note. The photo in the advert is of the ballpoint. The girth of the fountain pen is quite a big larger. It was surprising, but the pen writes wonderful. It's sturdy and a bit hefty, but I think I'll keep it. Love, love, love the stylus for fixing my fat fingered mistakes on my iPad, so overall....yes, I like it. Wish it was more svelte and a bit lighter, but have a feeling you could run over it with a tank and it wouldn't hurt it. November 16, 2013
Nice Pen, Sizable This is a very nice pen, good quality and well constructed. However, it is important to mention that the pen is rather big and weighs a substantial amount. Best suited for medium to large hands. Unlike most fountain pens I do not write with the cap on the back of this one, it makes the center of balance too far to the back of the pen. The writing and nib quality is fantastic, very smooth writing. November 10, 2013
Good writer and stylus This is a good purchase. The pen looks good, and although the nib is marked as a fine, it writes much more like a medium or even a broad. The stylus works well too, but can be a bit squeaky on my iPhone's protective screen. October 20, 2013
An Acquired Taste, Perhaps, but Delicious I may not be your best source of help with a buying decision. Not only am I a fountain pen fanatic, I am very partial to rOtring, to which the Stealth and its ilk are successors. Moreover, I spend lots of time using a social-media drawing app called Draw Something 2 on the iPad, which begs for a decent stylus because it offers a lot of fine-tipped tools. Thus is the stage set for a near-perfect storm of TMI (too much information.) My Stealth is a replacement for an L-Tech Plus in silver. The silver predecessor’s cap repeatedly unscrewed in my pocket. The stylus tip was coming loose all the time. The section would spontaneously unscrew from the barrel. On several occasions the converter came loose from the section. But it was one blue-stained shirt too many that forced me to ask for a replacement. You would not have waited that long. And that is why a pen fanatic is not always the best source, no matter how knowledgeable he or she may be. But, you say, surely you were playing rugby with your pen in your pocket. At 69 years of age, I know better to keep my pen in my pocket when I play rugby. I know better than to play rugby. I don’t know how to play rugby. Nor am I so active, other than the regular brisk walk, that the first pen should have come apart so easily. It just did. Its successor, the Stealth, does not. Nor does it skip. Nor does it leak. Even the little rubber stylus nib stays put. The parts fit with such precision that I find it hard to believe it is not one of my beloved rOtrings. It is too heavy for some people, although I believe that at least a few of those people would be wise to try it anyway. There is an art to letting the pen’s weight help you write. It can be kinder to the wrist than the light ones. As for the nib, well, I have my nibs custom ground to a cursive italic. It makes my handwriting look approximately 5 times better than when I use a non-custom ground nib. And approximately infinitely better than when I write with a ball-point. The reviewer who did not find the fine to be fine enough did not say what he meant by note-taking, but I can surmise that it is the kind one does between the lines of a book, or in the margins. There are fountain pens that you might use for that. You might even have a nib custom ground to an ultrafine. You might change inks to get a less generous flow. You might squeeze the tines together a bit to stem the tide. But if you are trying to annotate a Bible or a textbook with pages that just can’t wait to distribute your ink throughout its very fibers, you will be disappointed with this pen. If you are trying to keep a journal that is fountain-pen friendly, you may become the next Thoreau. Or Hemingway. The stylus is good. I use it a lot, sometimes to draw very elaborate contributions to the Draw Something 2 online community. Being rubber, it has some drawbacks as compared to fabric or to a Jot. Steve Leveen, if you should happen to read this, you simply have got to cut a deal with the Adona Jot people to provide the tips. Or else get a nice electroconductive fabric that is not stymied by the schmutz that we all have on our screens. Still, using a stylus on a pen of the heft of the Stealth is a great experience, and well worth the weight. August 31, 2013
L Tech Plus Stealth Pen Much to big in size. I ordered a fine point pen, but even the fine point is to large for note taking. Very unhappy with this pen. August 25, 2013
I Really Want To Like This Pen I always wanted to try a fountain pen. I always use cheap plastic pens from Staples. I was excited when I got this pen (with my name engraved) because it had such high ratings. I have been using this pen for a few weeks and I don't think I'll never use another fountain pen again. This pen skips all the time. I rinsed and cleaned the bit just as the instructions stated and most times when I draw a vertical line from the top to bottom it skips. I can make multiple vertical lines and no ink shows up at all. Sometimes if I write a "C", the top part will skip too. For a hundred dollars I had hoped that I was getting something of quality, and something that I could use as an every day carry pen. I guess not. What a waste of money. Outside of the nib not working all the time, the pen is well crafted. It is beautiful and heavy. I am not sure if I like the extra weight, but it isn't a major issue. The ink bleeds through paper easily. I got the medium nib and I don't know if that factors into it at all. August 17, 2013
Pen is awesome, medium more broad than I expected The pen is awesome. The medium tip has a far broader line than I expected, and I'm getting a fair amount of bleed through using the (regal) purple Levenger ink on some Circa notebook paper. On a cheap notebook, the bleedthrough was 100%, the text is literally reversed on the other page. I would suggest going a size down in nib size. July 15, 2013
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