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LED Flexible Neck ClipOn Booklight single Bulb 4.7 5 11 11
I bought four of these Great light for reading. If you only want to hook it on a book, you may find it's a bit heavy because of the three AAA batteries. But it's doable. I love it because the light is friendly. So easy on the eyes. Because it can stand on its own, I mostly use it that way, standing on its own on the desk. It lights my Circa notebook in the evenings. You can even stand it right on the notebook to avoid the shadow from your hand. It's great. Also, the clip is largish so you can hook it on all sorts of things. Makes a great device to hook on a bookcase, to highlight favorite books or a photo when you have friends over. Best of all, the light will last a very long time. All you have to worry about is having batteries on hand. Very nice! As I say, after buying one, I bought three more and gave them away as gifts. Everyone loved them. March 7, 2014
Great for reading in bed This is the perfect gadget for those who want to read in bed and do not want to disturb their partner. The light is bright and and very functional February 23, 2014
Good Lighting As attachable desktop mini-lamps go, this one is pretty decent. It requires three (3) AAA batteries, which are included in the packaging, and illuminates well enough to see by. Nothing fancy here, just good functionality. February 15, 2014
GREAT gift No stocking left unstuffed this year. All you need to impress a reader is get this little powerhouse. December 15, 2013
clipon booklight This is the first quality, longer-lasting booklight I have ever found. Am enjoying using it very much. December 7, 2013
Just what I wanted Work on a fishing boat, sometimes in rough seas so this clip on light is perfect as is the amount of light. It's flexible design was exactly what I was looking for and the price was affordable. Thank you! November 25, 2013
Lights out - not me I bought this for flights. How many times does the airplane reading light not work or is permanently aimed at someone else and you are left in a dark cabin forced to watch a film or hopefully you have your illuminated kindle handy. This light clips on your book, mag or even the meal tray to give you excellent reading illumination. The light has two intensities that can be selected. Keep it in your flight bag. August 2, 2013
A Decent Book Light This is one of the better book lights I have found. I covers the page well, and doesn't throw light all over the room. The only thing I would fault it on is the battery case/clip are big and clunky, and has a tendency to not stay put. August 1, 2013
useful We had a power outage last night and with this light I was able to continue working on my levenger desk and notebooks with little interruption. It is useful, faithful to work when you need it most and easy to use. I am buying the double one so I can leave a light in the car for traveling. August 14, 2011
Excellent Light This is a really excellent book light-probably the best one I have ever used, and I have used plenty! The dual lamps are excellent, and it lights up 2 pages of a book with only one lamp easily. I have not had any problems with it turning on inadvertently at all. It also has an optional micro mini adapter available so it is very battery effecient as you can use it either way. Truly an excellent light for reading, and I highly recommend it!! January 30, 2011
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