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Lamy Vista Fountain Pen 4.4 5 5 5
Handsome, great quality, good colors My new fountain pen from Levenger, It's purchase was really a clencher. It's handsome and fine, It works all the time, Buying it was my best venture. April 24, 2013
Cool Idea, But Not Well Made I bought this pen and waited a loooooong time (about 2.5 months) for it to be delivered (which was fine, I wasn't in a hurry). When I received it and took it out of the package I thought it was a pretty neat pen--I like that you can see the inside mechanics, and easily monitor your ink level. However, I hardly used the thing because I wasn't a fan of the nib. It writes a bit too dry for my taste, and not terribbly consistently. The other day I thought I'd take out the pen and give it another whirl (I've been using a True Writer, and I absolutely LOVE that pen), but to my dismay when I tried to remove the cap the body of the pen broke clean in half where the rubber O-ring is (where the nib end screws into the body). This was not a case of rough handling. Like I mentioned, I hardly used the pen, and didn't carry it anywhere. And I am very careful with my fountain pens. I don't think this is poor quality on Levenger's part, but a really terrible design flaw (or perhaps a flaw in the manufacturing?) on LAMY's part. There's no way this pen can be repaired, so it will probably need to be replaced. I won't be purchasing another, and would advise anyone who's thinking about this pen to stay away and look for a more durable design (I highly recommend True Writer). April 14, 2013
I love this pen! I have to take notes in meetings and need to be able to write down field notes as well. This pen is wonderful to write with and provides legible reminders for me whether at the meetng table on walking down a street. November 26, 2011
Invites you to write... THis is a lovely fountain pen; I look for an excuse to handwrite anything, because this pen is so light to handle The ink is smooth and looks lovely on pretty paper. I use a fine tip and can not get over how much I like using this pen. My "back to work" present to myself. August 13, 2011
Great pen, great price I love to write with fountain pens. I prefer the feel and the way in which they write. As a teacher, who grades lots of papers, I wanted a reliable, inexpensive fountain pen I could use for the task. I have definitely found what I need and want in this pen. The ink flows smoothly and evenly. Even after hours of grading papers, the pen is still comfortable to work with. It may not be be the prettiest pen but it does a fantastic job. I currently own two and plan to purchase at least two more in the future, This pen has become my use for every writing need instrument, June 3, 2011
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