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LevengerGridIt Circa Notebook Organizer 3.4 5 5 5
Awkward I wish I hadn't bought several at once because I can't find a single place to put one that isn't awkward. I was hoping to use one for travel, but that will only work if I leave it loose and stick it in my bag separately. I have 3 different styles of iPad cases and it doesn't fit any of them, or my datebook, arc folder, or anything I have purchased from Levenger. November 10, 2013
Heavy I do like idea of this. However, it fails in function. It is really heavy. It is advertised as 8 oz., but it weighs almost 11 oz. Those who 3 oz. may not seem like much, but in conjunction with a notebook, it is. Also, the way it attaches to the notebook leaves something to be desired. It sticks up above the notebook by about an inch. I hope this version being on sale means it is being revamped. November 1, 2013
Unique concept, pretty well executed The Grid-It is a French-style ribbon pin-it board for the executive. It's cool take on an old design with which many a seamstress will be familiar. It's thick, well-made with strong clips to attach to a sturdy binder cover (too heavy for those plastic Circa covers) with a woven grid of textured strong elastic under which one can slip small items. I like it as an organizer for my art supply tote bag; would work very well in a brief case too. Worth the money when on special, or as a practical and unusual gift. October 12, 2013
Notebook Organizer: Other Applications I purchased the briefolio which I often use for meetings and I have enjoyed it. However, cell phones, glasses, and other items produced a bulge at the bottom of the briefolio. I then bought this notebook organizer and it was the perfect solution in keeping these items where they are easy to retrieve and preventing them from a bulge at the bottom. This organizer and the briefolio are a great match. October 1, 2013
Nice concept; far too heavy I bought this product, thinking it would be handy to go to meetings with everything attached the notebook, which of course, goes with me everywhere. However, the organizer is very heavy -- heavier than my entire notebook. The clips to hold it to the cover are very large; the organizer sticks up over the top of the book. To keep things organized in a briefcase or large purse would be great; however, it overwhelms the circo notebook it is intended for. December 29, 2010
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