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Levenger Wired Notebook Annotation Ruled 3.6 5 17 17
Disappointed I bought this as a substitute for the plain white wired Cornell note ruled “Wired” note book that disappointingly has been discontinued. The paper is different, colored obviously, similar thickness, but with a rough feel - almost like a recycled stock. I am not sure the purpose of the colors, my preference is white - although the gray being neutral is usable. I have used the white “wired” for years as my daily desk journal - Please bring that product back. March 9, 2014
Paper not thick enough! Paper is not nearly as thick as I expected. I use a fairly thin tip gel based pen and it definitely goes through the paper. It doesn't go through the paper so badly that you can't use both sides, but it does not handle the ink as well as the Levenger Annotation pads, and I definitely wouldn't use a fountain pen on it! One of the reasons I got this notebook was because I used the annotation pads exclusively for all of my schoolwork, but I wanted the pages to be pre-bound. it serves that function OK, but the paper doesn't have the nice feel that the annotation pads have, so it kind of defeats the purpose of getting this notebook over any other spiral bound notebook (except that this allows for cornell style notes, which i use). In general: paper was thinner than expected and ink bleeds through it. The paper also doesn't have the high-quality feel that I have come to expect from Levenger. February 19, 2014
Great for Cornell Notes! I love these journals for taking Cornell notes. However, the multicolor paper can be tough to use if you have felt tip pens. The annotation pads seemed to be able to handle the ink, but on these journals... the ink seems to go through. Besides that though, they are amazing. The colors are separated nicely, and they keep everything organized. January 4, 2014
One of the best wired notebook you can have Some of my colleagues use Levenger products and I thought of trying as well. I am still a newbie but the way I have started liking Levenger products, I don't think I will go back to any other brand. About this notebook, this is one of the best quality wired notebook you can ever get in the market. Paper is very smooth and thick. It's completely worth the money you will pay for the notebook. Highly recommended. January 4, 2014
Nice Notebook This notebbok was recommended to me by a colleague and am glad I ordered some! While I like the product overall, I would like to have a stiff back cover for aded support for those thimes I am not using the notebook on a hard surface. November 13, 2013
one of the best it products for Levenger I have been a user of Levenger products since the 1990's. This product is one of the best products that they have created. The spiral noteback keeps my notes together. I bought several just in case Levenger decides discontinue this product. May 23, 2012
Long-time favorite notebooks I've been a long time user of Levenger's pads and notebooks. My all-time favorite is the spiral bound, annotation ruled notebook. I use them for journaling, reading notes, class preparation, and the wide left margin helps me write reminders or use the Cornell notetaking system. I've used this particular style of notebook for years, but the recent batch seems to be less durable. The wire spirals started to come out of the pages, after only a short time (a few weeks) of using the notebook. I have older versions of the same notebooks, still in use, and they are as sturdy as ever. The paper is excellent, and the format is perfect for me, so I hope/expect the last few I've bought are just an odd lot. May 6, 2012
great notepad, poor backing I was pleased overall. My only complaint is that the notepad does not have a stiff backing. I do a lot of writing in note pads. It may be the way I use them (balanced against the steering wheel, on my lap, or simply held in the hands) but I would prefer a substantial cardboard backsheet for a firmer writing surface. As it is, I need to carry another pad or clipboard to use as backing. April 21, 2012
What happened to the older wired notebooks? I ordered 4 of these, and they all fell apart. I called customer service and we worked everything out. I am satisfied with the resolution. The notebooks are now perforated. I used to buy these without the perforation, and the quality was so much better with the spiral binding. For some reason, the spirals on these newer notebooks aren't completely closed so covers and pages come apart. The paper is still great quality but don't expect to carry this around much. Works fine as a jotter on my home desk. Please bring back the non-perforated notebooks from a few years ago! January 13, 2012
Will not buy again Was very disappointed. both covers fell off. I should have returned the second notebook, but decided to use it at home for jotting down notes, it never left the desk... very disappointed. January 9, 2012
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