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300 Nonpersonalized 3 x 5 Cards (Ruled or Grid)

Price: $29.00
Item: ADS6780
Exceeding 3 x 5 card expectations
When we learned how many of our customers still use the tried-and-true method of writing on note cards for creative projects and reminders, we decided to make our popular 3 x 5 cards even better than before. So scribble and notate to your heart's content on these top-quality index cards.
  • Set of 300 white cards
  • Choose ruled or grid
  • Thick and substantial 250-gsm card stock
  • Designed to be friendly to all types of ink
  • 3W x 5H
300 Nonpersonalized 3x5 Cards 4.3 5 9 9
High quality for 3 x 5 cards! Purchased these along with a pocket briefcase. Perfect fit and the ruling is just right as well. The quality of the paper stock was surprising thick for a 3 x 5 card. I was expecting something thinner and of less quality. Absorbs ink great too. September 1, 2013
...Wish there where again the 3x5 Leather Action ...Folio in Junior or in Letter or may a Combination for Ipad and or Ipad Mini and 3x5 Cards. I tried everything what Levenger had to offer, but I always jump back to the 3x5 Cards, doesn't matter how hard I try. These are my Favorites as a Writer. I wish Levenger would put the 3x5 Leather Folios back into their Stock or a Folio Combination with IPad. I would be the First to buy. I miss the Variety of 3x5 Items very much. I think in this High Tech World, this is one Item, which will survive, because out of its portability and their Size. Bring it back, please Levenger. :O((( July 23, 2013
Card stock too heavy I have been using this system virtually since it was invented, but I am very disappointed with the quality of the cards now. There are far thicker and heavier than they used to be, making it more difficult to fit several in the Pocket Briefcase. June 24, 2013
Great Tool I use this for takng quick notes during the day. Captures man points during meetings which can be expanded upon later April 20, 2013
Bring back the color! I've been using these cards for note-taking for years now, and never go anyway without them because you never know when you'll hear (or think of) something worth writing down. But I really miss the utility of the multi-colored cards for categorizing - or just for putting a little extra color in the day. Lots of us have been asking, so please bring them back... April 17, 2013
I have to agree... ...with the one Customer, I love these cards and I use them also for everything, but I also miss the Multicolor Cards, because you can organize everything way easier and Color Code. It is very sad that Levenger takes everything usefully and really cool out of there Inventory, especially the wonderful 3x5 Items, which I miss a lot. March 11, 2013
Such a loss! The quality of these cards can't be bettered, but I'm disappointed that Levenger no longer offers these cards in a multicolored option. The five colors made organizing different tasks so much easier! Pleas bring back the multicolored! January 17, 2013
excellent but ... I love these fountain pen friendly cards. (They are almost marker friendly as well). They are absolutely the best 3x5 cards I could find anywhere. I really wish they were available in plain too. I tried to order the plain ones that are available for customization only by leaving the customization blank (and paying the price for customization anyhow). but the website says that I cannot leave the customization option blank (I even entered spaces but couldn't trick it). It is really unfortunate to be able to get these in blank. December 12, 2012
Great product - bad package I have been using these notecards for years and I am kind of surprised that I am the first review?? At any rate, love the cards and use them all the time. I carry them pretty much wherever I go, and almost always find a use for them. Only one gripe, and it concerns my last order. THey use to come in one of those nice green boxes. This last time they came shrink-wrapped. I understand that those boxes are expensive and the cards would be less expensive without them, you should still be shipping them in some kind of container so that I have a place to store them. The shrink wrap does not serve that function at all, and now there is nothing to keep extra cards in. September 27, 2012
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