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Pocquettes iPad Case 4.2 5 5 5
Very Nice, But Could Be Better! I've had this product for over a week now and use to carry my IPad, Zagg Key Board, Power Cord, Ear Buds & Flat Wall Charger. The leather quality is excellent, as is the construction, zippers and sewing. But the functionality needs a little improvement, it would be nice to have, in the accessory compartment, a Pen/Rubber Ball Styles holder & Business Card holder as well? I realize there's only so much room in this area, but if you slant the pen holder horizontally rather than vertically and place the B/Card holder towards the top I think you would still have enough room for the other items I carry? June 8, 2013
Pocquettes™ iPad® Case I wrote customer service asking if a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover would fit in the second packet of this case. They said they did not have one to test, so could not tell me. That cover measures 9 x 7 x 1 and is not used as the IPad cover because it has it own cover. Just received the case and not only does the IPad with its cover fit in the main compartment, but the keyboard fits quite well in the smaller front pocket. This case exactly meets my needs. I can carry both very easily. Great buy! Thank you, Levenger. April 18, 2013
IPAD Case My I-Pad case is fabuloue especially for travelling. It really protects the I-Pad and looks great. If you put a little leather cleaner on it from time to time it will look great and not scratch. Would recommend this product. March 25, 2013
(Almost) Perfect iPad Case Searching for a long time for an iPad case that would also hold my charger, stylus, telescoping pen, and iPhone rather than having multiple cases. The leather is buttery soft however, the leather scratches very, very easily and my case is now full of scratches. It is very, very noticeable - hence, the almost perfect iPad case review. Disappointed with the fact that the leather scratched up so easily. Otherwise, love the design and that I can fit everything into one case. But not up to Levenger's leather quality standards. March 20, 2013
Great Purchase I just received my Pocquette iPad case and it is exactly what I have been looking for. I have a Zaggfolio keyboard/case for my iPad 2. It fits perfectly in the larger pocket of the Levenger case. There is plenty of room in the side zippered pocket for a highlighter, pen/stylus, and small notepad...AND my earbuds that stay neatly coiled around the included earbud holder. Couldn't be happier. Very impressed with the packaging as well. Levenger does it right! March 5, 2013
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