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Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are memorable tokens of your affection that show that you pay attention to the details. Monogrammed gifts such as one of Levenger’s highly coveted fountain pens or Circa notebooks are sure to be a hit. Can’t quite remember the recipient’s middle initial for the monogram? Personalized gift cards give the gift of personal choice so that you can be sure they get exactly what they want. Levenger’s monogrammed personalized gifts are items that will be cherished for years making them not only great gifts for the holidays, but also as keepsakes to remember commemorative events. Personalized corporate gifts are also available with your company’s logo.  Shop Levenger’s collection of personalized gifts and ensure that your gift will always be remembered.

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The Executive Ensemble

Item: AL13290

Price: $200.00 Now $159.00

VIP Personalized Luggage Tag

Item: AL13470

Price: $49.00

Snap Tray

Item: AD7580

Price: $59.00

Magnetic Money Clip

Item: AL13525

Price: $39.00

RFID Airport Wallet

Item: AL13340

Price: $99.00

RFID Airport Wallet & Luggage Tag

Item: AL13480

Price: $115.00

Pocquettes™ Earbud Holder

Item: AL10475

Price: $19.00

Airport Luggage Tag

Item: AL13345

Price: $29.00 Now $14.95

True Writer® Select Rollerball

Item: AP12615

Price: $139.00

L-Tech 3.0 Rollerball

Item: AP12645

Price: $89.00

Bomber Jacket Flip ID Wallet

Item: AL9845

Price: $89.00

Commemorative Box

Item: AD6775

Price: $89.00

Executive Stanley Leather Journal

Item: ADS6105

Price: $79.00

Bomber Jacket Cord Roll

Item: AL13040

Price: $99.00

True Writer® Stone Rollerball

Item: AP14025

Price: $79.00

Bomber Jacket SwiftNotes

Item: AL13335

Price: $45.00

Personalized College Desk Box

Item: AD6915

Price: $175.00

Cordova SwiftNotes

Item: AL13540

Price: $45.00

Shirt Pocket Briefcase®

Item: AL5945

Price: $49.00

Nantucket Note Card Box

Item: AD6765

Price: $29.00

Personalized College Paperweight

Item: AD6925

Price: $70.00

RFID Passport Sleeve

Item: AL13015

Price: $49.00

Tusting Luxury Luggage Tag

Item: AL13225

Price: $49.00

RFID Travel Wallet with Walletini Pen

Item: AL13170

Price: $99.00

True Writer® Obsidian Fountain Pen

Item: AP12720

Price: $79.00

Circa Leather Foldover Notebook

Item: AL8390

Price: $63.20-$99.00

True Writer® Obsidian Rollerball Pen

Item: AP12725

Price: $69.00

True Writer® Obsidian Ballpoint Pen

Item: AP12728

Price: $59.00

5-Year Journal

Item: ADS4665

Price: $35.00

Card Wallet

Item: AL7965

Price: $49.00

Tyler Folio

Item: AL8775

Price: $149.00

Bomber Jacket Slim Leather Wallet

Item: AL6425

Price: $69.00

International Phone Pocket Briefcase

Item: AL0785

Price: $69.00

Essential Card Wallet

Item: AL7595

Price: $39.00

Tusting Briefolio®

Item: AL6330

Price: $299.00

Essential Briefolio®

Item: AL9455

Price: $99.00

Circa Sliver Foldover Notebook

Item: ADS8155

Price: $29.00-$39.00

Bomber Jacket Circa Leather Foldover Notebook

Item: AL8385

Price: $79.00-$99.00

Leather-Rope®, Letter

Item: AL6610

Price: $149.00

Morgan Mouse Pad

Item: AD6680

Price: $39.00

Ledgerdomain Journal

Item: ADS5550

Price: $45.00

Gift Card


Price: $25.00-$500.00

International Pocket Briefcase®

Item: AL5960

Price: $69.00

Leather-Rope®, Legal

Item: AL6620

Price: $169.00

Bomber Jacket Tyler Folio

Item: AL7455

Price: $149.00

Luxe Notebook

Item: ADS9150

Price: $32.00-$38.00

Tusting Explorer

Item: AL0390

Price: $699.00

Pennington Checkbook Cover

Item: AL0935

Price: $69.00

Tech Travel Pouches (set of 3)

Item: AL12225

Price: $99.00

Deluxe Card Wallet

Item: AL12335

Price: $59.00

Passport Jacket

Item: AL12380

Price: $49.00

Bomber Jacket Briefolio®

Item: AL7410

Price: $159.00

Bomber Jacket Pen Wrap

Item: AL7415

Price: $89.00

St. Tropez Leather Pouch

Item: AL8795

Price: $49.00

RFID Passcase

Item: AL13020

Price: $39.00

RFID Travel Wallet

Item: AL13010

Price: $79.00

RFID Travel Wallet & Passcase

Item: AL13025

Price: $99.00

True Writer® Royal Fountain Pen

Item: AP14010

Price: $89.00

True Writer® Select Fountain Pen

Item: AP12610

Price: $159.00

True Writer Java Rollerball

Item: AP14035

Price: $89.00

True Writer® Royal Rollerball

Item: AP14015

Price: $79.00

True Writer® Stone Ballpoint

Item: AP14028

Price: $69.00

True Writer Java Ballpoint

Item: AP14038

Price: $79.00

True Writer® Royal Ballpoint

Item: AP14018

Price: $69.00

True Writer® Select Ballpoint

Item: AP12618

Price: $119.00

Cordova Stanley Journal

Item: AL13200

Price: $89.00

Executive Notabilia Notebook

Item: AL12670

Price: $99.00

Heritage iPad Air® 2  Tab Folio

Item: AD7530

Price: $120.00

Lugano iPhone® 6/6s Plus Wallet

Item: AD7525

Price: $55.00

Lugano iPhone® 6/6s Wallet

Item: AD7520

Price: $55.00

Heritage iPhone® 6/6s Wallet Book

Item: AD7510

Price: $80.00

Tablet Soft Carrier

Item: AL13185

Price: $129.00 Now $85.95

Executive Zip Folio, Letter

Item: AL12885

Price: $139.00

Executive Folio, Letter

Item: AL12880

Price: $119.00

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