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International Pocket Briefcase®, Purple
  • International Pocket Briefcase®, Purple
  • International Pocket Briefcase®, Saddle
  • International Pocket Briefcase®, Black
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International Pocket Briefcase®

Price: $69.00
Item: AL5960
A folding pocket briefcase and leather notepad
Use our pocket-size leather notepad to take notes and keep them organized. Our International Pocket Briefcase is a handy travel companion that's also a 3 x 5 card holder. It dispenses fresh 3 x 5 cards and keeps completed ones separate. It holds business cards, ID and a pen, too.
  • 2 pockets for 3 x 5 cards
  • 2 pockets for business or credit cards
  • 4W x 1/2D x 5 3/4H
  • Durable full-grain leather with a silky-smooth texture and contrasting topstitching
  • ID window with keyhole cutout for easier removal
  • Sleeve for a pen
  • Stash pocket for receipts
  • Top stash pocket for bills
  • Writing surface for 3 x 5 cards
  • Can also hold a passport
  • 2.4 oz
Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991
International Pocket Briefcase 4.5 5 30 30
POEM Pocket Briefcase (Haiku) red pocket briefcase my loyal note companion best wallet ever! April 26, 2013
Waiting for this in red I've used the international pocket briefcase as a wallet. Having a pen and cards available is handy. There's room for cards & cash & receipts. Fits in a back pocket. 1) I'm waiting for it to be available in red again. 2) If the pen holder could be a bit more firm -- pens seem to fall out. April 14, 2012
Great product but... I have been using Levenger products for over a year so when it came to a wallet replacement, I knew where my first stop would be. Always leaving my to do list at the office and having to send my self emails for reminders of things to get accomplished was getting old so this product became very intriguing. Unfortunately for me I carry more plastic money than the real thing, so the only drawback here is the organized space for credit cards. I like having my 3x5 card there to jot notes on, along with room for more just I case the list needs to grow, but I'd probably shy away of I could do it all over because of the lack of credit card slots. Overall the product seems to be very high quality after a week's use, and the personalization added with monogramming really makes the product unique and intriguing to others when it comes out of my pocket. More slots in the future and I'm all over this one! April 9, 2012
great. get it. I had a franklin covey 755235 that I loved. but finally it fell apart. seeking to replace it, I found sadly that it had been discontinued. I found this thing and gave it a try. it is very high quality, and a little pricey, but it is really great. try it. you'll find you use it all the time. February 9, 2012
Take Notes Now I have owned this product for about 3 years now and I use it daily - not just for travel - it is my wallet and my life-saver when I need to jot down notes at any time and at any place. I had to write this review because just yesterday I was driving a friend from lunch and she had to jump on a conference call and take notes - she asked for a pen which always resides in its sleeve and she started taking notes instantly - made possible because of its sturdy construction - when she was off her call I had to rave about the product in all its simplistic glory. Forget PDA's and iPhones when you simply need to jot a quick note - so much easier and more human. November 11, 2010
Tough Durable and Efficient I purchased this back in 2004. It has seen a lot of hard use sitting in my back pocket since then. My checkbook and passport reside there along with notes, my kids pictures and other necessities. In other words, it is stuffed! Through all the abuse, my International Pocket Briefcase is in wonderful condition. I expect it will last at least another five years, perhaps much longer. Major kudos to Levenger for maintaining scrupulous quality standards. April 3, 2010
Long Time User I have been using my International Pocket Briefcase for more than 12 years, and it is still my go to daily organizer, note taker and quick organizer. Perfect for quick meeting in the office or on the road. The size allows it to easily fit into a your coat pocket, or toss it into your briefcase. I get comments on it all the time, and has held up great. November 13, 2009
Third One in Several Years I detest PDAs and big honkin' planners (my life, thankfully, is not that complicated!). I love having a week's appointments, todo lists, shopping lists, and the like tucked into my wallet. This is the most convenient product to come along since cup holders in cars. October 16, 2009
Such a disappointment This wallet was such a disappointment. Not because of its style. That's great. Not because of it's function. It was perfect -- for a while. But the pen wouldn't stay clipped to its pocket. It kept falling out. Every time I picked up the wallet I had to be sure I was carrying it right side up so the pen wouldn't dislodge. Finally, after a month, the pen clip failed to hold when I wasn't looking and the pen was lost. Is it too much to ask Levenger to make a pen with a clip tight enough to hold it in place in the pocket for which it was designed? I think not. I'm sorry I spent the money. June 11, 2009
Great but careful as they age This is the second one of these I have owned, so I have used the pocket briefcase for over 10 years. It is the most convenient way to store and index information I have found. I have produced movies, TV shows and launch technology companies with this as my personal analog assistant (PAA). The only complaint I have is the material in the bill area always rips or comes undone. I have had both fixed until it is comical. November 25, 2008
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