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Nantucket Laptop Lifter 4.6 5 11 11
Also works as a lap desk When my Macbook's cooling fan began to fail, I needed something that would ventilate my computer. The Nantucket Lifter is much more useful than I anticipated. It angles, giving your wrists a more comfortable position for typing and a more flattering camera angle on your face for skype and videochat. It lifts to prevent exposure to water on a countertop or table, and it ventilates the computer with five long slits in the surface. The bumper pillow is constructed of the same dark grey cotton material used in the Levenger Staff bags. And the magnets that hold the lifter closed are strong and sturdy. This works well as a lightweight lap desk -- a bonus I did not expect -- and keeps my lap cool in the warmer months when my other Levenger lapdesks retain too much heat. A very worthwhile purchase, especially at the sale price. September 8, 2012
Eye level ease This is my second Nantucket Laptop lifter. The first one I used for years and it simply wore out. This new model has been improved with the "bumper" piece in front so that the laptop doesn't slip under the front of the lifter. The lifter holds my laptop at exactly the right angle so that I don't "hunch" over my computer. January 28, 2012
Attractive and UNcomfortable This lifter puts the laptop at an appropriate angle, ventilates the laptop, and looks attractive enough on the desk, since mostly covered by the machine. However, the rolled lip, on which one's wrists or forearms must rest, is extremely uncomfortable, making it so painful to type, that I cannot use the lifter. September 25, 2011
Excellent laptop stand Overall, this is an excellent well-made product. It raises the laptop to just the right angle and works sitting on a desk or table or one's own lap. It also allows a laptop to be well ventilated. It also looks great. My only criticism concerns the lip that holds the laptop in place (and this might affect only a few larger laptop models), but if I don't use "the blue canvas booster tube" the touchpad buttons of my laptop are uncomfortably close to the lip; if I do use the booster tube, the hinged side of my laptop extends far enough over the back edge of the stand to create balance problems if I tilt the screen too far back. I would suggest the next generation of this stand either have a cut-out or indentation in the center of the lip to allow more touchpad access space or, more simply, come with a narrower tube, which would eliminate the awkward choice users with larger laptops must now make regarding how best to use the stand. September 17, 2011
Great Xmas Gift This was a Xmas gift, It is wonderful. It makes typing much easier to do on my laptop. The rolled egde that holds the laptop is a great wrist rest, keeping my hands above the keys. Also, it puts the screen at a better height and angle, than just sitting on the table. The weight of it nice, as well as feel of the bamboo. The magnets, that hold it together when closed, are very strong. I pinched myself several times before I figured out how best to open and close it. Very good and useful item. January 5, 2011
Delighted with my surprisingly sturdy purchase I was a little nervous about this purchase having seen some of the previous reviews, however I've been unexpectedly delighted by it. Others had previously said it wasn't sturdy - I found the bamboo handle's lightness to take a little getting accustomed to, but the product seems quite sturdy so far. I'm also pleased because I think this will promote better posture, as I spend most of the day sitting working at my laptop. Now I have no excuse to slouch! Very happy with the purchase. December 19, 2010
Pleasantly Overwhelmed Reading five month old reviews which cited specific defects almost turned me off, but the reputation of the company is such that after an almost exhaustive search I ordered it anyway. it exceeded my expectations and the only drawback I found was that it's heavy to carry from room to room. December 31, 2009
The Nantucket lap reader that I purchased we are using in my church. We are using it to help display the Bible in the pulpit. It increases the visibility of the Bible when it is read Sunday morning. November 30, 2009
Exactly as needed, wished for This laptop lifter is exactly what I have needed. Being disabled, most of my work and internet research is done in bed. With this my work is easier to see, has less fatigue, fits nicely on my bed table, and even has space for a paperback under it .I love it! July 24, 2009
useful and smart The item is handsome and the angle it allows for my notebook is just right. The slats to ventilate the heat from the notebook is a great idea. July 23, 2009
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