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Spoken Like a Pro

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This language book takes you beyond jargon to the real way that professionals in various jobs talk to each other--and it's often quite amusing. With this word book you'll truly be in the know because you'll speak like a pro.
Uncover The Words That Only A Pro Would Know
"Give me an all-day on the burgers," commands the chef. "Who's your nose?" demands the perfume maker. "Time to torch it," advises the pharmacist. In almost every line of work a private vocabulary, crisp and colorful, comes into play.

Spoken Like a Pro takes you behind the linguistic curtain to reveal the hidden words of 15 different professions, from cookie baker and microbiologist to printer and waste manager. Now you'll know what it means when the retailer admits it dogged, the musician sheds the part, the chef eighty-sixes the fillets and the magician inadvertently flashes.

Enjoy this lighthearted crash course in how to summon the language of those in the know. Charmingly illustrated 140-page softcover, 5 1/4 x 7 1/4.

"A treat for word addicts like me." — Robert MacNeil, co-author of The Story of English

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Spoken Like A Pro 4.6 5 5 5
More than your average reference This is truly an informative and interesting book; one that many people could learn from. It could help not only the lay person learn some new terms, but also management to better understand their employees. I can only hope that a sequel comes out with even more professions included. March 27, 2009
Useful Tool A very enjoyable handbook for those interested in the ever-morphing English language. As someone in the Graphic Design field, I found it very accurate as well. March 26, 2009
Great Little Book A truly enjoyable book. I am looking forward to a sequel soon! This book makes a great gift for colleagues. March 24, 2009
To limited A good idea, and fairly well executed. However, the range of professions represented is much more limited than I had hoped when I bought it. Useful as far as it goes, and quite insightful. Os. May 18, 2008
Spoken like a pro A great book for any business person, as it will help you “tune in” to your clients and customers, to better understand the way that they talk and what they’re really saying. It’s entertaining but also informative, and a great conversation starter at any function. My favorite section was the one on retail. Now I really feel like an informed shopper! October 14, 2007
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