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Cubi Desk Bookcase

Price: $99.00
Two or more (each) $84
Item: AD6670
A bookcase for stackable storage
Say what you will about cubicle life...when it’s storage size, it’s wide open to possibilities. You can configure these stackable storage squares to create a bookcase to suit your needs.
  • Two built-in shelves
  • Stand it vertically or horizontally
  • Cherry veneer
  • Exterior, 13W x 12 1/2D x 13H
  • Interior, 12W x 12D x 3 3/4H
Cubi Desk Bookcase 4.5 5 22 22
Now What Expected I have always been very pleased with purchases until now. I bought two of these and am disappointed in the quality of the product. They are advertised as "wood with cherry veneer." I thought this meant "wood veneer," however, it looks more like a laminate. The back panel is definitely laminate and not wood and this cheapens the product. The finish is worn off on one of the outside corners. The inside of the bookcases are very rough and not finished smooth. There is no mention of the shelves not fitting. I would return but I would be penalized for the cost. You definitely can do better than this. December 5, 2014
Cubi Desk Bookcase Excellent product. I have bought nine (9) of these because they are so versatile. I can use them in small space either vertical or horizontal. Helps me organize my office and keep books and papers sorted. Would highly recommend this to anyone trying to organize their workspace either at home or work. While I use mine at home, they would be a beautiful addition to any office setting. November 3, 2014
Cubi Desk Bookcase Lovely quality.Great functionality for my purposes. Four stars on quality because no cubi drawers available and the sheet shelves mentioned by other reviewers October 30, 2014
Miss the old drawers! I have 10 of these Cubi Bookcases and I love them. However, every once in a while I check in hoping that you will bring back the drawers and vertical holders that used to be sold to go with them! I could use a few more drawers! Please bring them back. I noticed a lot of recent comments about the shelves not going all the way to the back -- the drawers would help solve this! I have a a setup of 10 Cubi bookshelves (5 across and 2 high). I have a 3 sets of drawers and one of the vertical organizers. I like some open shelves and open vertical slots but the organizers were a nice addition. I have Drawers to make Personal and Work In Boxes but also use them for some of the smaller things people are mentioning that would fall off the back shelves. Very handy. The vertical are a little less handy but neaten up collections of things stored vertically but less quick access than open vertical space. These drawers had black leather faces with wood matching the cubbies. I think it would be great to have them back as an option. September 18, 2014
Attractive cubes These cubes look really great and provide nice flexibility for stacking or linear arrangement, shelves or vertical dividers. I find it odd that the shelves don't go all the way to the back, but it didn't cause any trouble for me. August 22, 2014
Question I am considering buying these units. My question is are the shelves removable or fixed in place? June 23, 2014
Disappointed I ordered the Cubi Desk Bookcases before I read the review about the shelves not going all the way to the back. Had I read that, I would not have ordered these. The Cubi Bookcases arrived very well packed but the over all quality was not what I expected. The finish is good on the outside but is not uniform on the inside and some inside surfaces as very rough, as if they were not even sanded. The fact that the shelves are not as deep as the cube limits my use to primarily the vertical arrangement unless I have long items to place on horizontal shelves. When I review a product I often think about whether I would order the item again. Most likely, in this case, I would not. June 8, 2014
Deceptive photographs--partial shelves only Be aware! If you want to use them horizontally, you should know that things like all those little boxes in their pictures will fall down off the back of the shelves if pushed back too far, as, incredibly, THE SHELVES DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK OF THE CUBE!!! There is a gap for small things to fall down. Probably cheaper that way. . .not that they will be inexpensive to return.So disappointed in what I thought was a classy company. March 11, 2014
Good quality Purchased 5 of the Cherry cubes. Very satisfied with the solidity of their construction and beauty of their appearance. Somewhat expensive for the size but overall would say that they are worth the price. March 4, 2014
Cubi Desk Bookcase I ordered 3 of these storage cubes and they have helped transform my office. I can find references quickly and easily, my desk is neat and my office looks more professional. I would not hesitate to recommend these organizational tools - they are of quality and definitely fill the need. January 19, 2014
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