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Laptop Angler 4.4 5 7 7
Thanks! Levenger immediately sent me a replacement when I notified them my laptop angler had started to come apart after 6 months. The new one is great! Thanks! July 23, 2011
Love it - but I love this product -- I use my laptop at work and home and this is great for quickly and safely transporting it in my bag. It is the perfect angle for working. Unfortunately, it is starting to come about after little more than 6 months use. June 6, 2011
Great product for laptops I have tried many risers for my laptop, since they sometimes tend to over heat. Since I wear bifocals they were also never the right height. This one is perfect and since a telecommute i can pack it to go to the office with me. This riser is very sturdy and I highly recommend this product to everyone. February 2, 2011
Excellent product.... I bought one of these for my son-in-law for Christmas and fell in love with it so I had to buy one for me too! It is perfect for both my laptop and my Kindle. My son-in-law uses his for his iPad. I've even used it to hold cookbooks and recipes in the kitchen. January 22, 2011
Practical Simplicity I bought this product because my husband and I found it difficult to type on his laptop when it was flat on the desk. We find that it makes it so much easier to use the laptop without fatigue, and we also make fewer typing errors. It is a simple design, but practical and sturdy, with no moving parts to break (unlike the other ones Levenger sellls). It packs easily around the computer, so we can transport it without taking up extra space. It is worth every penny. November 19, 2010
TOP 10 Favorite Levenger Item I was pleasantly surprised by this item! Although I purchased it on Sale I would pay full price if I had to replace it for some reason. It serves the multipurpose need of 1) protecting my laptop while it's in my Majorca Laptop Bag (NO Problem with the fit) thus eliminating the need for a separate Laptop Protector, 2) it's easier to get my Laptop In and Out of my Bag, and 3) it has the PERFECT ANGLE to make my Laptop easier for me when using it on my Desk, Kitchen Table, Dining Room Table, or TV Tray. I've only used it on My Lap once while in a waiting room but it was a bit cumbersome and didn't feel secure. Have a great day! =) July 13, 2010
Pretty good! I was a little disappointed at first--somehow I'd thought the part that makes the stand would also fold over to grip the laptop when lying flat. But you have to flip the angler over to secure the laptop through the elastic band. In any event, now that I've really started using this, I'm quite pleased. It's perfect for working at the kitchen table or sitting on the couch. I wouldn't use it for travel as it would take up too much space in the tote bag, but I love it for at home. March 24, 2010
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