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Levenger Bottled Ink

Price: $12.00
Item: PR0220
Dip into a classic American microbrew
If you still practice the ancient and satisfying art of writing with a fountain pen, you should be rewarded with ink that more than satisfies. Levenger Bottled Ink is what fountain pen ink should be: smooth and rich, designed to last, formulated to delight.

Why you'll experience such a satisfying write
Levenger inks resist fading as well as feathering. They are moist on your nib but dry readily on your paper (especially helpful for left-handed writers). They're lightfast and maintain a crisp line without spreading. The even saturation ensures no skipping.

And Levenger inks come in a panoply of colors -- to match your mood, suit the occasion, enliven the page.

Enjoy ink that's American-made and rigorously tested
We brew Levenger ink right here in the U.S. The formula is closely held and conforms to our exacting specifications. As part of our testing, we've asked professional calligraphers to put the inks through their paces.

Levenger inks have also been time-tested by the many customers who have dipped their nibs into a bottle. We've been offering this microbrew since 1998.

Buy your Levenger ink by the bottle or the six-pack
Choose how you wish to color your writing world -- bottle by different-color bottle, or in one of the prepackaged six-packs we offer.

And yes, Levenger fountain pen cartridges contain the same finely formulated ink.

A few tips about the colors of Levenger inks
The Raven Black is semi-permanent, and therefore ideal for record-keeping. The other colors are washable.

In the photo, the color you see in the bottle is lightened a bit to better show you the ink color. To see the color that your ink will be on paper, see the color blocks under 'Choose Color' (below).

  • 15 ml (.51 ounces)
  • Glass bottle
  • Inkwell inside the bottle for easier dipping

Dip your nib into the ink designed to perform on the page with every stroke of your pen.
Levenger Bottled Ink 4.4 5 89 89
Poem Reflections on ‘Skies of Blue’ Bottled Ink As my fingers glide across the paper My handwriting--almost calligraphy— Enhanced by my treasured fountain pen My friend for over 40 years I write my composed thoughts Which flow quickly from my brain Through my finger tips I feel as if I am Uncorking the bottle Unleashing the ‘Skies of Blue’ Of my mind Expansive thoughts, pent up thoughts Which reveal my emotions and states of mind These molecules flow Gathering speed as they race toward their destination Like a river cascading From its source At the pinnacle of the mountain Hidden in its recesses Gathering and merging at the top Then exploding into a waterfall Descending from heights Crashing against the boulders At its base Then continuing its journey To its destination The ‘skies of blue’ Provides the blanket That overlooks the world below And watches as the river flows Watching as each blue molecule Is reflected back to its source Of water I read my words Written in ‘skies of blue’ My thoughts Are reflected back to me And I absorb them in my eye’s mind That contains my essence Of heart and soul And the clarity of ‘Skies of blue’ Is evident In my world And My life is enhanced April 19, 2010
Cobalt Blue Poem New Pelikan pen Levenger Cobalt Blue Ink Each one made for each Brilliant blue pen strokes Never clogging, never skips Flow across the page My letter finished Sapphire jewels on paper Flies off to a friend April 19, 2010
Ink I love my ink. It is a pretty shade of blue and is working vry well. I would really like to have turquoise as a color. That is my favorite. Ink has improved since my earlier days. Love it! I am glad to be using an American made product. April 17, 2014
impressive flow, very quick drying, and deeply colorful. Was impressed, competes well with inks like pelikan, monteblanc, and balzak. TRUE TEAL was truly teal April 10, 2014
great quality, great price impressive flow, very quick drying, and deeply colorful. Was impressed, competes well with inks like pelikan, monteblanc, and balzak. April 10, 2014
Wonderful pigmentation I use this ink for lettering on certificates. The coverage is great, much better than other inks I have tried. Because the coverage is great, I do not have to retrace the lettering and use less ink. It is easy to use, do not have to worry about covering the bottle every time I fill my pen. March 30, 2014
Great ink, great value I purchased this for my Silver Seas fountain pen and I am very pleased with it. It is less expensive than other inks and it writes smoothly without any clogging or smudging. Even the bottle has an "Old World" design and compliments a desk. I will be purchasing more of this and other colors. March 29, 2014
Levenger bottled inks I have never had any problems with Levenger inks. I love the variety of colors, and the price can't be beat. March 1, 2014
Great Ink! This is my first bottle of fountain pen ink (Cobalt Blue), and it has been quite exceptional! I love the deep blue colour, and, so far, the ink has performed very well in my Lamy Studio fountain pen…no hard starts at all! Thanks again, Levenger! February 16, 2014
Great Product This is my first purchase for Levenger Ink and it has lived up to its reputation. I have used cartridge pens in the past and am now going back to the ink well. The color is exactly as described and I am able to write very smoothly. I will be purchasing other colors in the future. February 3, 2014
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