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LTech Ballpoint 3.9 5 22 22
An excellent ballpoint pen. What great style! I had this pen engraved to match my L – tech 3.0 fountain pen, They look amazing on my desk together. It has a nice feel and balance to it and is very comfortable in my hand for writing long letters or doing some journaling. I don't think anyone would regret this purchase, in fact, I will be buying several more for Christmas gifts this year. September 11, 2014
Fine Product. I was impressed with how close the tolerances were on the pen. The refill fits just right in the body. The retract/engage button a top is so close that it is going to need a bit breaking in use to become completely smooth. Pen balances well for me though a bit heavier than I am used to. The refills are the best I have used. No skipping or blotting yet. Many thanks August 8, 2014
A well engineered pen I am an Aerospace Engineer and was looking for a pen that I could make notes with and add detailed sketches without having to change pens. This pen fits the bill to a 't'. Ergonomically, the feel of the pen is excellent. Very comfortable to hold and the tip (I use a fine) allows you to write and draw. The quality would have rated a 5-star but for the slight squeaking (grating) sound when engaging the pen. I took the pen apart and using a fine emery paper smoothed out some rough edges to get rid of the noise. I have since bought three more of these so I have one at the home office and in the car. Worth the money and far superior to pens costing hundreds more. Good work. July 31, 2014
Wish i had known I love my pen but really wish i had known that it came in black. I recommend putting the option on the page so the customer has and option to pick instead of searching for it. July 9, 2014
Awful Color I ordered this pen in "rose" which on my color matched monitor looked like medium red. It is actually pink so doubt this pen will see the light of day. So mch for my first Levenger order in years. December 21, 2013
Not the same L-Tech I had received the L-Tech fountain pen as a present. Very nice. I decided to get the rollerball to make the set. Very nice, but the ink doesn't go far enough to be used as an everyday desk pen. So I decided to add this ballpoint to complete the set. It is a very nice pen, but it is not the same as the other two L-Techs, it is only about 60% of the diameter of the other two. I expected it to be the same size, heft and feel as the rollerball, not this thin little pen. It is good, just not what I was expecting from an L-Tech that looks the same as the other two in the series, it just isn't the same. Please, make a 'heaveyweight' ballpoint in the same barrel as the rollerball and I will add a 4th pen to my set. September 9, 2013
Nice but not NICE! The pen was a "special" purchase for me. I wanted a _nice_ pen, so I splurged. The pen is nice. But it isn't as hefty as I expected. The pen fits nicely and is pleasing with which to write. The ink doesn't have that easy flow and the click end doesn't always retract the point. It is not that "special" pen for which I was hoping. I have received heftier pens from high end clients marketing to me. I knew it wasn't going to be a $160 pen but I am not sure it is a $60 pen either. June 5, 2012
L- Tech Ballpoint I just received my L- Tech ballpoint. So far I am very pleased with the pen. It's just what they say it was. April 27, 2012
Great pen - so- so quality I received this pen as a birthday gift. The look and feel ooze quality but my pen did not extend far enough out of the body. I called customer service and they were spectacular in replacing the pen even before I sent the original back. Comparing the 2 pens side by side, I saw that the clicker of the "bad" pen extended further out of the body of the pen. The new pen extends just fine but the fit between the refill and the body of the pen is just a little bit loose. It is not so bad that I will return the new pen, because I really like it otherwise. Once Levenger resolves the quality issues with this pen it will be perfect ! March 18, 2012
love this pen I write with a pen all day long for a living. For years I used rotring ballpoints, so was dismayed when this went off the market. Thank you Levenger for reviving this excellent design which is a very close iteration, at least in my hand. No complaints, other than that the clip is a bit flimsy, as was the original, Please don't stop making this. February 27, 2012
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