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Skyline Midboy 3.5 5 2 2
furniture dimensions It would be helpful if the description of the furniture productions included the dimentions of the product. While some products indicate the square footage, dimensions can be an important element. December 30, 2012
Bookcase Not Made for Books There is a fixed shelf a little more than a third of the way from the top. The remaining shelves can be placed in various locations based on predrilled holes in the side of the case. Unfortunately the highes of the holes in the first grouping does not allow enough space to place a "regular" size novels. The problem can be solved by drilling a new set of holes for the shelf runners at about 10". This gives you three good shelves for books instead of just two, and a couple of shelves for CDs. It's an easy enough solution for the manufacturer to make and would provide better utilization of the bookcase. January 12, 2012
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