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Circa Discs, 2 inch (Set of 22)

Price: $19.00
Item: ADS5065
Super-size your Circa notebook with extra-large discs
Sometimes bigger is indeed better, so now you can make your Circa notebooks hold even more pages with our extra-large discs.
  • 2-inch size can hold up to 350 Circa-punched sheets
  • Allows for extra Circa accessories to be added to your notebooks
  • Excellent for archiving--such as service/sales manuals, documents, study materials, flash cards
  • Set of 22 discs
  • Enough discs to accommodate 2 letter-size Circa notebooks, or 2 junior and 2 Circa Jotlet™ Translucent Notebooks
Circa Discs 2 inch set of 22 4.8 5 12 12
Much Needed This is a great size to use for my Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda with added papers. I can't see using bigger on a daily basis. September 21, 2014
Excellent Perfect for large storage folder; too big for daily use. Excellent quality February 5, 2015
Super size your Circa These larger discs have allowed much more storage capacity for my recipe collections and my daily driver circa Pro Junior. January 29, 2015
useful for archiving I wanted larger discs for my "go to meetings" binder, but the 2 inch discs are too large for that. However, they are great for a storage binder I keep in my office. Getting 22 discs in the package is a bonus, as it allows me to create multiple archival binders (I have one for my letter-size and one for my junior size notes). December 11, 2014
Good product, but wrong size I purchased these for my junior circa book because I was adding the pocket dividers. Unfortunately the discs were entirely too big. Thankfully exchanging them for a smaller size was easy and painless thru the customer service line. Thank you! July 31, 2014
This discs are super-functional I have been a circa fan for a long while. I have been using the system for over 10 years and it is great. I had a leather notebook outfitted with the 1" discs that I was using as a master notebook for my recent start as a student teacher. The 1" discs did not really cut it since I needed a notebook for the school where I am teaching, the college where I am studying, a calendar et al, so I decided to upgrade to the 2". Don't get me wrong, when I first saw them I thought that they were huge, but once I switched them, they were perfect. Now I can punch handouts and jot notes on any paper, and stick them wherever they make the most sense. The circa system is a increadible way to organize your life. The only problem hat I had was that the packaging says that they're are 22 discs in the tube, but I actually received 25. But shhhh, that's a secret. In all seriousness, these discs and the whole circa system are some of the most useful things for organizing your life, career, school, family, whatever you need to organize. My wife has adopted my 1" discs and a plastic cover to compile her favorite recipes. Well done Levenger, well done. January 25, 2014
Versatility at its best Love these discs. I'm in a technical writing course and we have to turn in a 2" binder portfolio at the end of the year - I hate 3-ring binders: one, b/c I'm left handed, and, two, because they take up so much space. This combines form and functionality for me. I paired it w/ the translucent covers and a brightly colored piece of card stock to add a little flavor. Love it! January 25, 2014
Love the flexibility of these discs! Levenger understands the need for flexibility and quality! They got it right with with full line of disc sizes! This one is just perfect for my everyday needs! January 4, 2014
Organization great When I first ordered these I had no idea that the 2inch rings would be as large as they are for a regular daily book...so ordered smaller ones. These are WONDERFUL however to store older notes and items. We have a records and notes we have to retain for a few years and these large rings have allowed me to combine several notebooks into one for storage and retention. Great item! December 8, 2013
Lots of options Being new to the system, the choices are mind-boggling, but it's been a helpful way to get organized. May 20, 2013
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