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Circa Shaded Annotation Grid Sheets (set of 100)

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Item: ADS4865
Circa-punched annotation grid pages with a dash of color
Take notes à la the Cornell method of note-taking—drawings on the grid, thoughts and notes in the margin—with a twist of color, with these Circa refills in annotation grid format.
  • Set of 100 sheets Circa-punched annotation grid pages
  • Grid pages have green lines and a light-green shaded annotation margin
  • Insert them into your Circa notebook
  • You can also add your favorite discs to create your own customized book
  • Substantial 100-gsm soft white paper
  • 8 1/2 x 11
Circa Shaded Annotation Grid Sheets set of 3.9 5 7 7
loyal customer Even though it is a little light colored, the quality is up to Levenger standards. II buy a lot of graph paper and the majority of those are lighter than I would like. Bottom line, I would purchase more. February 8, 2014
Forever Changed My Notes I've been using this style paper for many years and can't take or organize notes on anything else. The left margin is brilliant for quickly noting ideas and questions you want to return to later and/or for highlighting/organizing major points. Levenger never disappoints with the exceptional quality of their paper. Just wish you would offer more color options of the grid style. August 6, 2015
Very LIGHT green I do design work and occasionally will sketch up floor plans in the field so I thought I would add these to my newly-created Circa system. However, the grid lines are sooo light green that they are almost hard to count and maintain order within them. The exterior page of the pack makes it appear that the paper itself would be the perfect color, but the actual pages are really light .. and I have 20/20 vision. I have not taken out any pages and ran them thru a copy machine to see if the lines show up on the copy, but that would be my only thought is if you didn't want them to show -- this may be your perfect grid paper. March 25, 2014
favorite paper ever I am a directionally challenged lefty - this is, hands down, my favorite paper for note taking. It allows me to box neatly, outline clearly, and take notes in an organized fashion. I like the pale colored lines, but to others' point, the picture does not reflect the true color of the paper. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could offer a version of this paper with the perpetual date box on the lower left corner. February 26, 2014
Good and other As some have said about this paper product it is a very light greenish yellow which is not consistent with the example cover sheet. Though I would like it to be a bit darker (not as yellow) the good is that the lines are not overpowering to your writing so there is some necessary contrast. The shaded notes format with grid is a great combination which will now be my standard. So some good with some "other" but a quality product in the end. January 26, 2014
Not functional The color is yellow-green and so pale you can barely see the grid... hard on the eyes. Will have to get a Circa punch at some point and buy grid paper elsewhere. The only advantage of buying from Levenger is the thickness of the paper. October 14, 2013
Excellent paper This is my preferred paper for Circa notes. The grid format works well for both note-taking & sketching ideas and the light green color is pleasing to look at. I'm an engineer and this reminds me of the old green engineering pads I used in school. The only thing that would make this paper better would be slightly smaller grid squares. November 26, 2011
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