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Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda, Letter 16

Price: $44.00
Item: SPR01
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The start-anytime Circa weekly agenda in a vertical weekly format
Customers who loved our original letter-size Circa Weekly Agenda format are in luck--this Circa Agenda features a vertical weekly format for your scheduling needs. Choose any month to begin your day planner. And you can customize the cover of this Circa agenda and add personalization--at no extra charge.
  • 12-month agenda, starting any month you choose
  • Includes monthly breaks where you can add tab dividers to stay organized
  • One week per spread, Monday–Sunday
  • Time slots from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday–Friday
  • Monthly planning calendar at the start of each month
  • Personal information page
  • Birthdays and anniversaries page
  • Undated future planning pages
  • Note pages
  • International dialing codes
  • 4-year at-a-glance calendars
  • Choose the colorful Words, blue marbled Composition, earth-toned Mosaic, black-and-white Skyline, curlicued Waves, rectangled Windows, Slate or Grape
  • All flysheet designs but Composition accept up to 33 characters   
  • Composition flysheet format accepts up to 19 characters
  • 3/4-inch black Circa discs, which can hold up to 120 sheets of paper
  • Sturdy translucent covers
  • Durable 60-lb. text stock
  • Letter size: Overall notebook, 9 1/2W x 3/4D x 11 1/4H; paper size, 8 1/2W x 11H
Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda LTR 4.3 5 7 7
Fabulous Calendar I love my new Levenger Agenda. I work from multiple online calendars but rely on my Levenger for an overview of the week, day and hour. Great room to write and keep notes. Beautiful cover and fits perfectly in my case. So happy to be back with Levenger again! January 22, 2015
Great Product and Company I bought this for my daughter to use in her first year in college. She is very ocd about her planner and she became very accustomed to the one her high school provided. She insisted in getting one from her high school to use in college. I was able to find this one which the pages are very similar to her high school one and she is officially not using her old planner in college. Customer Service is wonderful too. I had ordered another item and it was not what i needed. They sent me the correct one and were great about it. April 17, 2014
Wish the week layout was a real week. I have been looking for a system like circa that allows me to "build your own system" . As owner and operator of a business that is mobile, I need a system that is flexible. However since I work Sun- Sat I am having a difficult adapting to the CIrca Vert Format Agenda since it is designed for someone who works Monday- Friday in an office. Disappointed that the Agenda is not flexible like the rest of Circa. February 15, 2014
Circa Agenda I've been a Circa user for years and I will continue to organize my life with the many Circa accessories available. That being said, I have noticed some decline in quality over the years. The paper itself is no longer the high quality paper I received with my first Circa orders. I also miss the perforated corners that appeared for a couple of years. Despite a few missing upgrades, I love the vertical format of the agenda and the flexibility afforded by the Circa line. January 25, 2014
Good design Circa agenda user for many years. I have tried other systems & formats only to return to this layout for function. However, I do prefer the earlier design with the perforated corners. August 24, 2013
A Useful and Flexible Agenda Format The Circa Weekly Vertical Format is a useful and flexible Agenda that allows the user to organize tasks and ideas in both linear and non-linear ways. Prior to the weekly scheduling pages at the beginning of each new month, there is a full lined page of Notes and Month To-Do. These are useful pages that allow me to write quick notes and reminders for the next month while I am still in the current month. These notes and reminders are then useful when I schedule appointments and meetings for the upcoming month. Additionally, I like how each week-day has a notes section following the scheduling area. This notes area is a good place to put tasks for the current day that may not necessarily fit into a timed schedule and also to write quick reminders and follow-ups corresponding to tasks that were completed. As the previous reviewer stated, the disks on this Agenda are full. I have added one 3x5 card dock-it fully equipped with cards to the front of the Agenda. The dock-it fits well, but there is no additional room for me to add anything else that may add considerable bulk (such as the monthly tabs). On that note, though, I do not desire to add any bulky items. I still use the Circa add-ins such as the Balanced Life cards and the Circa Task pages. These items all fit well without having to up-size the Circa disks. I would like to see the addition of the scored page corners on the bottoms of the pages. The scored corners make using the Agenda more efficient because you are able to quickly find the current page. Additionally, I would like to see the grams per square meter of the paper used for this agenda increased. I use a Waterman rollerball and Waterman ink with my Agenda, and I do not like how you can see the writing on the reverse sides of the pages. I fully realize that these modifications may increase the cost of this Agenda. The cost increase may be worth it, though. July 8, 2013
Wish it were 2010 again I've loved buying this agenda since 2007 but since 2011 that Levenger keeps changing it and I dislike it more and more. This year again, they decided to remove the monthly tabs so you need to purchase them separately and you also need to purchase larger discs since the 1/2" that come with it collapse as soon as you add the tabs. They also removed the dotted tear corners that helped you track past pages from new pages. I understand it's about cost efficiency, but Levenger is already an expensive brand, so they should understand their end customer who purchases for functionality more than price - otherwise we'd purchase At-a-Glance products January 7, 2013
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