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Slim Wallet Writer with Pen 4.8 5 16 16
Most useful tool in everyday life There are many Levenger product which are just nice to own. But this slim wallet writer is actually a tool I don't want to miss anymore. It is ideal for taking notes in passing, to write down a book, a person or anything else mentioned by a conversation partner. I would also recommend very strongly the version with the walletini pen. It fits quite well and with the strong clip there is no danger of loosing it. It is also the size which still fits in a shirt-pocket when you cannot carry with you any larger notepad. I was asked quite a number of times where I got this peace ... Levenger is still much too little known in Europe! September 14, 2012
My ordering mistake I have read the other reviews about this product and agree with the versatile uses of it. It is a quality product that I do recommend. I am disappointed with myself for what I ordered. When I decided to order this product and the pocket briefcase. I debated about getting them with the pens and read about two people losing the pens early on. So, I bought both without pens thinking that I would put my own pen in the slot for the pen, but there is no slot. I'm thinking about what I'll be doing to modify the product to include a pen. August 5, 2011
Great on the Go! I have been looking for a note taking device that is small and flexible enough to fit inside my wallet AND also be used alone - vs. using business cards to write impromtu notes. Combined with the David Allen Getting Things Done system this is a winner! Can also fit your license and credit card and some cash and fit into an evening bag which is a bonus. Never have to say 'do you have something to write on/with?" again! Size is perfect... February 22, 2010
Almost Perfect I spent 26 years in the USMC and during that time I used almost every planner, organizer, and PDA available. Most of that time I used the Franklin Quest Pocket sized organizer or one of the Palm PDAs. Later in my career, my job changed and for security reasons I wasn't allowed to use an electronic device so went back to pocket sized organizer. However, my main problem with the pocket organizer is that it is still too large to take everywhere. The Slim Wallet Writer doesn't have this problem. The Slim Wallet Writer along with the GTD system by David Allen is as close to organizational nirvana as I have found. December 13, 2009
Nice and practical My primary capture tool is the Bomber Jacket Pocket Briefcase. The Wallet Writer is the capture tool I use during times when it is not convenient nor desirable to carry the Pocket Briefcase. February 21, 2009
Cards don't stay put I bought this after my dog chewed my shirt pocket briefcase. While I like the concept, the constant in and out of my pocket ripped the cards, pulled them out of the holder and were generally not useable. Love the wallet part, but I bought a new shirt pocket briefcase as my "note taker." August 26, 2008
Great Value and Perfect Tool I love this thing. I had been using a combination of PDA, BlackBerry, Tablet PC, and sticky notes to capture - well, everything that goes on in your life. I came across this site and started looking at the different note taking products. Although tempted by the notebooks and the larger slim writer, I selected the wallet size with pen. Since the day it arrived, it has always been in my pocket or briefcase. I have packed up my PDA, and now use the wallet writer exclusivley to capture phone calls, to do thoughts, basically everything that happens when you are not in a position to make a permenant record. I then transfer those items to the appropriate place at the end of the day: Outlook, etc. The cards are then thrown away, and the slate is clear for the next day. I bought a cheap business card holder that sits under my monitor so I can read and type in the information at the end of the day. I have also just handed the card to an assistant when the item can be delegated and does not need to be recorded. Unlike my PDA, no reboot is necessary with these cards. That always happened at the worst moment. No more scuffing around in my car or briefcase looking for a notepad or piece of paper that seemed to get misplaced after writing the note. The wallett card writer really works for me, and has redeuced the amount of time spent on the "Where did I write that down." Also, service was great. My pen, which is really small, but fits my hand OK, did not work well. Levenger sent me another - no charge, no shipping costs. Arrived in 2 days. I ordered an additional 600 cards, and expect to be using the wallet writer for a long time. July 30, 2008
Needed This My Whole Life I originally hesitated over the price. It is, after all, quite tiny. I was in Boston, drove out of my way to visit the Levenger store and decided to try out the Slim Wallet Writer. After owning it for two weeks, now I make sure I have it with me wherever I go. There are many places I go where I need both hands free and I can't take a purse or my larger Circa notebook. Now I'm able to be out with just a cell phone and my Slim Wallet Writer in my pocket. With multiple employees, a frequently traveling husband, church responsibilities, and aging parent issues, my mind is going a thousand different directions at once. I'm never scrambling for a pen and a paper scrap to write on. I jot phone numbers, email addresses, the "Don't forget to buy ____" notes, ideas for new products, brief summaries of conversations or notes on demos, questions to think about later when it's quiet. When I run into people, I can make notes on what I promised to do and for whom and when, then transfer it to my Circa when I get home. This little gem reduces stress because I don't have to try and remember things. I write them down and forget them until I get home. Love it! May 31, 2008
A top-knotch tool I am a graduate student and frequently need a handy place to jot book titles, library call numbers, notes to myself, etc. This little wallet writer is a fantastic choice, since so many libraries no longer provide slips of paper and those ridiculously short pencils for note-taking. Not only does this little wallet provide a place to write and a nice pen for the task but, since the cards are lined on one side, my notes are actually legible. I can file these cards in with my research notes as an additional piece of information. February 29, 2008
Always Handy This is a great item and perfect to stow in any bag, purse or briefcase. It easily fits extra cards along with business cards so it's perfect for taking to business calls. I was so impressed with the quality and functionality of the item that I bought a second one for my sister. February 2, 2008
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