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Freeleaf Yellow Annotation Ruled Pads, Letter

Price: $32.00
Two or more each $27
Item: ADS5530
Substantial annotation-ruled notepads for the paper aficionado
At Levenger, we understand being particular about paper. Our colored Freeleaf notepad paper is smooth and substantial, friendly to all types of pen and ink and made with sturdy 90-gsm paper stock, with a firm cardboard pad backer. In fact, we believe the quality of these fine notepads can actually help you think better, and capture brilliant ideas more effectively.
  • 50 acid-free sheets per pad, 5 pads per pack
  • Yellow annotation 1/4-inch ruled format
  • Pages are perforated along the top edge
  • Each page has title boxes at the top for categorizing
  • Lines are printed in gray, which is easy on the eyes
  • Blue perforated cover on each pad
  • 8 1/2W x 11 7/8H (11H trim size)
Freeleaf Yellow Annotation Ruled Pads Letter 4.5 5 8 8
Customer Service - 5 Stars Update to my issue with the new Freeleaf yellow pads. Satiah from Levenger Customer Service came through with 5 Star Service. Instead of simply giving me an RMA to send the yellow Freeleaf pads back, she did some investigating on her own. She found that the issue I had with the new supplier affected only the yellow pads. The white ones should have the usual high quality. I am exchanging the yellow pads for white ones. Satiah went above and beyond to help me out. October 31, 2013
Great product ruined by change in supplier I've used Freeleaf pads for years. I ordered 10 yellow pads on 10/5/13. The new pads look the same as the old, but ink smears on the paper. The writing experience has been spoiled -- no longer does the pen flow across the page. It now scratches across the page. Didn't anybody test this paper? Customer Service says that Levenger has changed paper suppliers recently. Levenger, to their credit, agreed to take my order back. But I have lost the paper I relied on for years! Please get this issue resolved as soon as possible! October 28, 2013
The only writing pads I use It's true. And I stock up on 5 packs of lined pads at every opportunity. The paper is heavy. It has a substance that's worthy of my words. :) The lines are just the right width. And I love the left-hand column for notes and jots of a disjointed mind. And the different-colored pads allows me to organize subject. I'm never without one or two pads. And they work equally well with pencil (Palomino) and fountain pen. My writing implements seem to fly across the page. And that's the opinion of one hooked writer. October 12, 2013
Freeleaf Product review I have been using the Levenger Freeleaf note pads for at least 8 possibly 10 years now and have discovered that there is no true substitute for quality. First the quality of the paper itself is worth the price then there is the weight of the paper and its finish allowing your pen or pencil to flow across it with ease. The way the pad is designed for free thought and a business approuch to taking notes and the ease of which to organize ones ideas. The produce is outstanding and there is no substitute my only suggestion would be to reintroduce the single sheets of this note pad paper which Levenger once offered. Then if levenger were to work with a software apt person to render a software apt that would print on those single sheets within the lines for those times when ones notes must be shared that would be a useful tool to have in addition to the pads themselves. I plan to continue to use the Freeleaf yellow pads as long as I need note pads (the rest of my life) I must admit to being a little daring on my last order of yellow pads I also ordered and selection of colored pads, I added a litlte color into my button down white shirt and tie world. February 29, 2012
Works great for fountain pen users I love this new freeleaf paper. I write in this pad with my Levenger pens all the time and am impressed that there is no bleed when using my fountain pen. You can even write on both sides of the page. I also use a highlighter with no bleed on this paper. The paper is true high quality...ink glides smoothly on every page. August 20, 2010
Mine keep disappearing I have been using these pads for years. The yellow color makes the pages standout in a file otherwise filled primarily with white paper, the annotation column allows me to make side notes to myself or follow-up points and the quality of the paper keeps most ink from "bleeding" through. I have to order the pads often because my co-workers are constantly walking off with them. November 19, 2008
They just come easier, the words, that is, on these elegant pads where I've written my last six books. It's in part the texture of the paper and in part the yellow color, but it's mostly, I suspect, that tempting margin that allows not only corrections and additions but a convenient way to add footnotes to a manuscript text. My only complaint is that I am now constrained to keep a certain fellow scribbler supplied with them if I expect her to pay any attention whatsoever to me. July 15, 2008
Awesome I use these everyday at work and I love them! May 14, 2008
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