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99 Circa Action Method Dot Grid Refills

Price: $13.00-$16.00
Item: ADS6045
Behance Dot Grid refills for your Circa notebook
The minute-to-minute flexibility of Circa note-taking meets the organizational power of the Action Method by Behance. The result is enhanced productivity, so you’ll formulate strategies and achieve objectives even more efficiently when you add these dot grid refill sheets to any letter-size Circa notebook.
  • 99 100-gsm Dot Grid sheets
  • A creative alternative to traditional ruled sheets, the light geometric dot matrix serves as a subtle guide for your notations and sketches
  • Pages are Circa-punched and perforated
  • Junior: 5 1/2W x 8 1/2W (including perforation), 5W x 8 1/2H (trim size)
  • Letter: 8 1/2W x 11H (including perforation), 8W x 11H (trim size)
99 Circa Dot Grid Refills 4.9 5 10 10
Best paper ever I like the dot grid, but the best thing about this paper is the quality of the paper itself. It's heavier and smoother than the regular Circa paper. I use rollerball pens, and don't experience any bleedthrough at ALL with this paper. Even though it's a little pricey, it's worth it. July 23, 2013
my favorite paper! I could not love this paper more. The paper itself is of excellent quality, and the dot grid perfectly suits my haphazard manner of note-taking. It allows me to organize my notes without the limitations of ruled paper or the distraction of grid lines. July 7, 2013
Dot-grid When You Don't Want Distracting Lines Dot-grid ruling appeals to me because it provides eye guidance for writing in a straight line without the distraction, and sometimes detraction, of printed lines, and it also accommodates my quasi-scale drawings that I frequently want to include in my text. I have used dot-grid journals precisely for this reason. I was delighted to see that Levenger added dot-grid ruled paper to its collection of paper styles, and ordered a refill supply in the Junior size. I had expected that the dot-grid itself would be identical to the dot-grid used in Behance products such as the "Action Journal." The Circa dot-grid refill is, in fact, the same Behance dot-grid, except printed on Levenger paper. My only reservation is the intensity in the color of the dots themselves. Although the color intensity is only slightly less than in the original Behance notebooks, that small difference is enough to make the Circa dot-grid paper not quite as desirable to me. Still, I will continue to use the Circa dot-grid, because the advantages of using it outweigh my preference for more intensity of color. June 23, 2013
Comparison: Behance Dot Grid vs. Rhodia dotPad FYI, this review ended up being more of a comparison to Rhodia's dotPad paper. And while this paper compares very favorably, there are two points which I find a little disappointing. The quality of the paper is very much what I've come to expect from Levenger: quite good with a variety of different inks laid down by a variety of different fountain pens, no feathering, no bleed-through. The weight of the paper (its thickness) is also excellent, better than my Rhodia 90 gsm (grams per square meter) dotPad paper. Point for Levenger. In terms of the "ruling", I'm a very enthusiastic fan of dot-grid "ruling" of paper. In this I understand that I'm in agreement with a very large number of fountain pen fanatics. In comparison to the dotPad, the dots are the same distance apart, but quite a bit larger in diameter. I also rather prefer the dark grey colour of the Rhodia dots over the tan/khaki used on this paper. In this, I'm afraid I'd say Rhodia had the advantage. Perforation... in this criterion, I'm afraid Rhodia blows the doors off the Levenger/Behance paper. The perforation of the Rhodia pads is micro-perf and tears much more cleanly than the large, "standard" perforation used in the Levenger paper. Again, point for Rhodia. I'm unsure whether to give this paper another point for being "punched" for Circa or not. While I could go through the effort of punching a good quantity of Rhodia paper to fill my ancient Master Zip Folio, I find it much more convenient to just use this paper instead. Right now, my greatest disappointment is the lack of micro-perforation. The size and colour of the dots is a little disappointing, but not nearly as great a concern. Honestly, I'd actually rather have UNperforated sheets rather than the perforations currently on the paper I received. All that said, I'm not at all unhappy with my purchase. I use the paper on a daily basis for both work and personal reasons. February 21, 2013
Just perfect I received my junior-size Dot Grid paper today, and I absolutely love it. I write in pencil, so black graph paper is just too dark. My writing is also very small, so the smaller grid is the perfect scale -- six dots to the inch, instead of four. Thank you for being the only place in the universe (?) with this paper in this size. February 7, 2013
Dot Matrix has ruined me for any other paper You finally carry the Junior Dot Matrix and now I don't want anything but the dot matrix and I don't need anything but the dot matrix ! The size and smooth texture is perfect for everything type of writing, note taking and sketching I need. Now I can finally finish my own Circa notebook system. Please don't change or lose it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU May 10, 2012
Junior, too, please Lovely paper. I ordered this, even though the letter size is too big for many things, and I vastly prefer Junior size. So... I would like to add my voice to the earlier plea for this paper in Junior. November 14, 2011
Excellent new circa paper This is a fun and useful new paper. It is more subtle than the grid and more helpful than plain. I plan to use it with my scrapbooks because placement of pasted objects will be easy. Any artists and technical drawing folks should love it. I have used rhodia grid to practice calligraphy but this dot grid is smaller and not so bright, which I like even better. The only drawback is that you MUST use your reading glasses with this paper! May 31, 2011
At Last This is a product I've been waiting years to see Levenger bring to market - kudos to all involved in doing so. I've been printing my own since I had the technology available, then using my Circa punch. Now I can just buy them outright - though they ARE a bit pricey. I'd like to see them in a JR and Compact version too. Nice to write on, great for sketching, caligraphy, and keeping your written notes neat. May 21, 2011
Sketching with Circa This paper lets me use my Circa leather notebook for sketching along with note-taking and writing. Sheets have a dot grid on both sides for improptu sketches or notes. Great way to organize my sketches and writing...added dividers to separate. April 8, 2011
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