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300 3x5 Multicolor Ruled Refill Cards 5 5 5 5
Crazy to spend this much for notecards, but I do! I am in love with these cards (and all things Levenger). This particular set is so beautiful and so after getting one package, I panicked that I wouldn't be able to keep getting them and bought a scary number of them! HA! But now I have a nice stockpile. I use them with my Levenger "bleachers" to help me stay focused and organized each week. Each color means something different to me. June 14, 2015
Useful... and pretty! I use these with their holder and they help me stay organized in a fashionable way. The colors even make me happy! May 17, 2015
Favorite Writing Tool Besides my computer, these cards are this writer's best friends. I'm an out liner and when in that process, these colored cards make the organizational piece of that part of my writing puzzle a breeze. I use them for character profiles. Brief chapter outlines, and ideas I have a long the way when stopping to jot is all the time I have. May 7, 2015
I really like these note cards! These cards are great! I use them to write lists, reminders, and other notes to myself to keep me focused and on track. I think the best part is the vertical format; most other 3 x 5 note cards that I have seen are blank or have a horizontal format. I can fold the card and put it in my pocket, or it easily fits into my purse or wallet. I love the colors also. If I was really organized, I would use different colors for different categories. A very simple design and concept, yet they are super functional. I also like the quality and weight of the paper. The cards are not too flimsy and not too bulky. Just right!! April 19, 2015
L O V E these CARDS I bought these and fell in Love, the Colors are Beautiful, The cards are not to thick and not to thin, perfect. and the Quality and the way to organize is fun and great to archive. This is really an excellent Product, hope there will be more 3x5 items coming back in a better version as these cards,- soooo cooool. July 22, 2014
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