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LevTex Mobile Notes LevTex Mobile Notes 3.5 5 4 4
LevTex not a great "alternative" I love Levenger products, and I really *want* to love this one, too. The concept is great, but the execution is disappointing. My iPhone 5 fits inside without a problem, and there is enough room to have a slightly thicker case (I have an ultra thin phone case/shell on mine). I love having the 3x5 cards right there with my phone along w/ the stylus/pen--good concept. However, once I put the phone inside the case, the 3x5 cards pop out of the writing platform very easily--flawed design. My biggest complaint is the LevTex material. The purple color is fun, and it's lovely to have my monogram on the outside and a place to keep a pen (also monogramed!), but the material just looks and feels very cheap. I was excited to see Levenger offering a leather "alternative," as I've been coveting their lovely (but pricey) leather goods. The material is a cheap-looking plastic that just doesn't look professional. Would be fine for a high school or college kid, but not for a working adult. Don't market this as a leather "alternative," or please, find a better "alternative" than LevTex. October 9, 2014
Necessary for your purse This product is perfect when you need paper and pen to write down something quickly or even when preparing a list for shopping etc. also you can stick your phone or a credit card or whatever and grab it out of your purse and whip in to the store September 6, 2014
Doesn't quite work as advertised The plastic fabric feels cheap. The side fabric strips that are intended to secure the index cards are not generous enough. It's almost impossible to get the card to stay in the "window" without it popping out. My iPhone (smaller in dimension then 3 1/4 x 5 3/8) does not fit well in the pocket shown in the image. The pocket isn't gusseted so adding a phone stretches the case and bows it out. This then pops the card out. Over time the case will surely stretch and it will be impossible to keep an index card securely placed in the window. The pen is not worth the extra tacked on $6.00 "pen delivery charge". September 3, 2014
Good product The quality is good and the idea is great but it is just a little too big. I thought it would fit into my pocket to walk around the office and take quick notes. It's great however as a small wallet for a small bag or pocketbook. August 28, 2014
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