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Great product with an annoying flaw I have a very large levenger collection and am a big circa fan. I love this calendar. It keeps me organized and I can customize it exactly as needed. Others have noted it lacks the month pages. So I ordered the month tabs. What annoys me is the when a month breaks mid-week because there is not a repeater page (ie with the first days of the next month and then start next month on the next page. The result is I have a two page monthly calendar inserted into the middle of the week. I share some of the other gripes re the "updated" styling but I still like it enough to use it exclusively. Wish levenger would bring back all the old accessories like the zip envelopes, etc. December 30, 2011
Why change? I've been using the compact agenda for the last 3 years or so. I really appreciate the small size, yet with plenty of room for appointments and comments. The 2012 edition is a great disappointment. I always used the monthly calendar and "to-do" list at the beginning of each month. The almost card-stock thickness of each page make page turning much more difficult. Please don't mess with an excellent product. I may get something else for 2012 and wait to see if 2013 brings back the features I depend on and have come to expect. December 4, 2011
Great pocket agenda This is my first Circa purchase and it is a great size for my desk, I'm not so sure about carrying it. I have bought several Levenger product in the past and have never been disappointed! They sell nothing but the best in quality, function and price. I'm retired now but will continue to come back for Levenger products for myself and for gifts. December 3, 2011
Dislike updates I have used the circa agenda for the past 5 years. I am very disappointed with the updates to the agenda pages. The new format does not look nearly as refined or stylized as previous years. It looks like something I could buy at a local office supply store. The lack of calendar pages makes the refill less useful as well. I may need to re-think my calendar choice for 2013. November 10, 2011
Missing monthly calendars I've used this pocket agenda for years. For 2012, the lack of monthly calendar pages is a real inconvenience. I like those for quick reference in meetings to glance at the month without having to flip through all the pages. Please bring them back October 26, 2011
Add a feature! I like the size of the Compact Circa Agenda planner. Is it possible you will make an address component to fit it? August 15, 2011
Please keep Compact Size! Compact size agendas are the absolute perfect size for my handbag, AND for using at home on my nightstand, for a late night fast note. While my junior size has it's great uses, I have been a loyal "compact" Levenger yearly agenda user for many years. It literally broke my heart when Levenger stopped making jackets/zip folios and other compact sized special paper products. It worries me when I see a sale like this one--on conpact sized agendas--PLEASE Levenger, don't discontinue this size. And thank you for bringing back the leather fold over--even its only in black. I still have my bomber jacket foldover, and even though the holes in it are broken, I have glued another clear cover to it to make it useable. Bottom line--please Levenger, don't stop making the Compact line of products, ever! March 9, 2011
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