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Circa Weekly Agenda Refill Compact 2012 2.8 5 6 6
Circa 2012 weekly Agenda Disappointed with the 2012 compact weekly agenda. Month-at-a-glance gone completely. Months not clearly separated, so my month tabs leave as many as 6 days of the month under previous or next month's tab. A significant step down in utility, organization, and quality. Hope this is corrected for 2013 weekly agenda or I will find another planner. January 11, 2012
Disappointing 2012 Agenda I have been a longtime fan of the Circa Agendas and products and rely on the features present in past years that have been completely omitted in this year’s version. Monthly to-do and recap lists as well as monthly calendar are completely missing, and the months run together so that if you use monthly tabs you have a few days from the current month in the previous or next month’s section. Dark shading in headers has also removed some of my strategic writing space. From an esthetic view, the printing is very harsh and the new font, print color, and shading makes it look cheap. Very disappointed in the new format. Bring back the tried and true! January 4, 2012
Consistently excellent product I've been using the circa agenda for years and minor changes do not inhibit funtionality. I like the added "prior month" calendar at the bottom of the right page. The "check" section for completed tasks - it's just grey, so you can write over it if you don't use it. The smaller "dotted tabs" at the bottom that you pull off once you're done with the week. I do agree that the month/year on the same page would be helpful in case you add extra notes pages or for archiving, but normally you should already know what year you're living in. Honestly, I don't use the monthly calendar pull-out and it added unnecessary bulk. The beauty of circa is that you can add what you like, so a weekly calendar should be just a weekly calendar. I've also used the junior size, but prefer the smaller compact that I can carry in my purse. I write a lot in it ranging from work meetings and personal appointments to grocery lists, and don't find that I run out of space. This agenda fits the bill every year. December 26, 2011
Disappointed with Changes I have purchased the compact agenda for the past 5-6 years. This year, as mentioned in previous reviews, the full month calendar pages were omitted. I have ordered the "Monthly tabs and pull out calendar" hoping to use it in combination with the agenda. I'm disappointed Levenger maintained the price of the previous style of agenda, but omitted the monthly pages. December 26, 2011
Disappointed As a long time user of circa products I am disappointed in the 2012 calendar layout. There is no monthly calendar. I am disappointed you decided to cut corners. This is not the usual quality from Levengers. December 12, 2011
Disappointing improvements I like the way the 2012 calendar recaptures wasted space from the bottom margin. However, the added "checkoff" column usurps space for writing tasks and is useless. Same for the numbered day of the year in the top right corner of every day. Two obvious corrections didn't happen: instead of "January" at top on the left page and only "2012" on the right, you should have both of these at top of each page, with the month at the outer margin of each page so that you can easily flip through weeks, when you have to look back, and know where you are. The less useful "Week 1" can be put at top of the inner margin instead of the outer margin. Finally, the font and layout look kind of washed out compared to last year, with less contrast and nothing in bold. The font itself is readable but not very attractive. I'll probably use your product forever, but hope this helps someone think about next year's design. November 9, 2011
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