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Circa Notebook Shell

Price: $12.00
Item: ADS4335
Letter = $12
Create your own Circa with our sturdy notebook covers
To create your own Circa notebook your own way, start with these translucent plastic notebook covers and accompanying Circa discs. Then add your desired refill sheets and other tools to make your Circa notebook work efficiently for your needs. Paper sold separately.
  • Translucent plastic front and back covers
  • Letter sizes have 3/4-inch Circa discs
  • Letter, 9W x 11 1/4H

Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Circa Notebook Shell 4.9 5 17 17
Circa Notebook Shell I was very unorganized until a friend introduced me to the Circa Notebook system. I absolutely love it. The only thing is I wish there were more colors of the shells to choose from. Amazing product!!!! September 11, 2014
Absolutely love these notebooks I don't know why everybody doesn't use these things! I found out about Levenger notebooks in a roundabout way. I was looking for a way to organize 3x5 cards and I came across their little 3x5 leather wallets. Then I noticed this brand name so I googled "Levenger." I was so curious about these notebooks so I ordered one. They are AMAZING!!! They combine the best aspects of 3-ring binders and the best aspects of my little bound moleskine notebooks! Things I love: - Lightweight way to organize papers. No bulky heavy metal rings, and the covers are durable but low-profile and functional. - You can rearrange papers in any order you want. - The high-quality paper they sell is nice. But nothing stops you from using the hole-punch to just throw in some stuff you printed off on your standard office-paper! I use these notebooks to organize my quick-reference sheets and notes. Being able to have a lightweight stylish notebook that keeps my papers nice and lets me re-arrange however I want has been amazing. I'm hooked! January 15, 2015
Archive I purchase these to use when I complete a notebook so that I can easily archive it on my shelf. These are affordable and excellent quality for everyday use as well as for archival purposes. I first bought this as my first notebook and used the Rhodia paper. It holds up to everything. This product is absolutely functional and gets the job done. I am super pleased and will be ordering my 4th set shortly. October 30, 2014
Organizing Made Simple I love the ability to customize my notebooks. I plan to make my first purchase of the letter-size covers to create a memorable calendar for next year as a Christmas gift. Another will "house" my charts for trips, another will... you get my drift. The possibilities are only limited by my imagination. I do wish that the covers weren't so expensive--only rating that was not 5 star. Thank you, Levenger, for a quality product. September 8, 2014
Circa Notebook Shell I like that you can "make your own" notebooks for a variety of purposes. I would like it even better if you sold these shells in a variety of colors and sizes (more than 2). A little pricey for notebook covers. July 12, 2014
Circa Notebook Shell When you just have a small separate subject this really fits the bill. I wish they could come in colors other than just clear. March 15, 2014
Circa Notebook shells are Great I use these Circa notebooks for a wide arrange of thing from tracking monthly metrics to creating to-do notebooks in my everyday work. I also am responsible for ordering for a larger depatment and a number of people use these as well. The options available to organize and customize the notebook are great as well. They are slim and easy to tracel with as well as apposed to a normal 3 ring binder or folder. Will buy again. January 21, 2014
Great option Circa notebooks are fabulous and this is a nice option for creating your own customized notebook. Since I'm not a fan of the annotated paper that comes standard in most of the Circa books, I like the ability to just get the covers and discs and stock it with my paper of choice. I wish there was the ability to choose the paper for any of the notebooks, but until that happens, I'm happy with getting these and doing what I want. Thanks, Levenger! December 15, 2013
So much better than a traditional binder I typically have a 3-ring binder for everything, but now they are collecting dust on my shelves. This product is a perfect partner to my Circa notebooks as I can easily transfer a page from one to the other. Additionally, they look much more professional than a 3-ring binder. August 12, 2013
building a creative team These bad boys just work. It was so easy to get my team up and running. Filled these up with dot-grid paper, and they're all set to capture ideas, share their vision, swap pages, etc. I count on having one of the most creative teams in business today =) May 12, 2013
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