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Notabilia Notebooks set of two 4.4 5 41 41
Missing the GRID I love these notebooks and the spiffy leather cover. They are my favorite vehicle for taking notes and committee and board meetings. I am HEARTSICK that they are no longer available in the grid. Please bring these back. There is nothing else like this available anywhere. Bring back the GRID! October 24, 2013
Outstanding quality of paper! As muscle spasms and tremor disorder have eroded my handwriting, paper quality and good rollerballs have become more important for my continuing to journal! These notebooks are outstanding! Thank you. October 21, 2013
A Durable Space to Create These notebooks are exceptional you can tell from the moment you first open them that they are very different from notebooks I have had in the past. The weight of the paper makes it that I do not have to be concerned about the pen I am using from ball points to fountain pens I have not had any bleed through. I would highly recommend these to anyone that is taking notes, wanting to capture thoughts, or journaling. I am using one currently to capture ideas for projects that I want to undertake and sparking my creativity. September 22, 2013
Wonderful writing paper I'm left handed, and have the same problem common to most lefties, smudged writing, and filthy left hands. I find that writing in the Notabilia journals reduces these problems. I don't know if it's the paper quality, the absorption of the ink, or what; I just know that my penmanship has greatly improved, and so has the look of the outside of my left hand! September 14, 2013
note-taking nirvana! THE best notebook for the insatiable note-taker. High-quality paper assures me my notebooks will last a lifetime. I know the paper will not discolor & crumble over time. I've filled several with my literary notes, and well on the way to filling more. Hope Levenger continues to carry this quality product. February 17, 2013
Great for fountains pens Although more expensive than the journals that you buy any where else, these are much higher quality and worth the extra. They are sewn in pages, so the the stupid things cant come apart. I use them for my journals, and for studing that I want to keep. I especially like the fact that my fountain pens don't bleed through like the other composition books do. The cheaper books also have a tendicy for the outside binding coming apart. May 6, 2012
Notabilia and fountain pens I love the quality of the Notabilia notebooks and the fit when used with the leather cover, first class and I use them a lot...BUT...recently the bleedthrough from fountain pens makes these nearly unusable. I say nearly, since I still use them but recently the quality of the paper seems to have suffered with respect to fountain pen ink. If you use a fountain pen, be prepared to get results on the back as I have shown in my photo. They're too expensive to just write on one side. April 16, 2012
Notabilia Notebooks I have at least a dozen Notabilia notebooks still in their wrappings, just waiting to be used. I stocked up on the grid books before they did away with them. WORST. DECISION. EVER. The current economic environment would tend to dictate that the cost of everything is going up and that the value of these notebooks goes down accordingly. That being said, those grid notebooks are now and ever shall be my absolute favorite things to write in. March 2, 2012
Notabilia Notebook Disappointed that the graph form is no longer offered for Notabilia notebooks. I would also concur with comments that suggests that the size and weight of Levenger papers changes over time. Overall, the quality is better than office supply stores but in some instances it does not match the premium pricing that Levenger places on some products. And I enjoy the products that I have purchased and admire many Levenger products. June 10, 2011
The Best Notebook I have been using Notabilia notebooks for 7-8 years. They are the best. The paper quality is great and takes ink well. They hold up with regular use, and the leather cover gives is a classier look for the office. June 3, 2011
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