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French Impressionist Note Cube 2.5 5 2 2
Lovely to look at This reallly is lovely - nice weight paper, pretty design, and the True Writer Impressionist roller ball fits in the hole (just in case you were wondering if it was just for the ballpoint). However, it came apart in two pieces when I was unwrapping it. I was so disappointed. My husband has rigged up a "fix" with some tape on the side that faces away from me, and we'll see how that works.. September 29, 2012
Note Cube disappoints This looked really pretty online, but as soon as I removed the plastic wrapper, it fell apart into three sections. I thought I could just use the sections separately, but the middle piece is so small that my pen falls out and the bottom one has no hole for the pen. (Before ordering, I checked similar products on Amazon and they all indicated that the hole didn't go all the way through, which is why I chose the Levenger cube.) Of course, the largest section leaves the pen protruding so that it will scratch my table. The only way I can get any use out of this is to stack all three pieces inside a cardboard box - hardly an attractive solution. For $19, there should have been a plastic or paper mache base to hold the cube together and protect my furniture. It's not worth paying the return shipping and fussing with the post office line, so i'll just use up the paper as best i can. This is a disappointing product. August 9, 2012
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