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2015 Weekly Margin Calendar

Price: $16.00 Now $1.95 Save 88%
Item: ADS5595
A margin-sized 2015 desk calendar
Designed for those who prefer keeping their agenda or day planner right at their desks, this spiral desk calendar for 2015 lets you plan appointments and activities in a week-by-week format, with plenty more room for notes and things to do. And this 2015 calendar’s space-saving margin size fits just about any size deskscape.
  • One week per page in a Sunday through Saturday format
  • Hourly scheduling section for each day’s activities
  • Full calendars for current, last and next month on each weekly page
  • Things To Do checklist and large window for notes on the back of each weekly page
  • Sturdy spiral binding
  • 120-gsm paper
  • 16W x 4 1/4H
Weekly Margin Calendar 4.6 5 13 13
Ready for the New Year! I can't wait until January to start using this calendar! It will be a fantastic organizational tool. Thank you, Levenger, for scheduling another perfect fit under my keyboard and keeping my desk tidy. Happy New Year. October 13, 2013
Perfect Tool I've been using the margin calendar since they first produced one. In the high tech environ- this is the perfect "bring it back to something real" type schedule pad. Best part of it is that you can scroll through, one or two weeks prior, quickly and see what you had scheduled/planned without trying to scroll through pages on a device and put it together. I make tons of notes in the spaces on top and appreciate the quality paper that it doesn't bleed into another weeks sheet. I've purchased these as gifts the past couple years. It is worth the money. September 8, 2013
Finally I remember seeing this product last year but missed my opportunity to order one.The weight of the paper is fantastic, it is very substantial and a pleasure to write on. To have a weekly calendar that is able to reside on my desk and not take up a great deal of space is great. I am using this at my office to track tasks and schedule adjustments, It also allows me to see at a glance the upcoming tasks for that week to ensure that I am staying focused and productive. At the end of the year I will be able to use the notes that I have taken to help with my personal evaluation of my performance and growth over the course of that time. I would recommend this for anyone that needs a convenient calendar that is ultimately useful without taking over your life or your desk. September 1, 2013
So Practical We all spend so much time at our keyboards. This calendar/notepad is so functional and practical...exactly what I was looking for! I constantly use the Rhodia note/mouse pads for jotting date specific notes. NOW...I can put them right where they need to be!! Each week, I can add little reminders and see the entire week at a glance quickly. LOVE this product. The paper quality is very good. I haven't decided if I'll tear off each week as I'm finished, or just roll it over and keep it for future reference. But, I love having that choice. THANKS Levenger for another great productivity tool!! August 31, 2013
Can't live without this calendar I have been using this calendar for two years now and thought it had been discontinued. I was thrilled to see the 2013 come out! I have had several people comment on it. It is so very practical. I use it in conjunction with my electronic calendar. I just jot down my items on Monday morning for the week and I can just glance down to review what I have coming up without having to log in to my computer or stop what I am doing to look at the electronic calendar. I have tried lots of different systems over many years and this is the best one I have ever found. When I thought I couldn't get one for 2013 I was contemplating making one up myself. What a relief! October 3, 2012
Weekly+ This is a tool I cannot live without! It facilitates technology, logistics and life. Bravo for returning it to your products. November 15, 2011
A helpful desk addition This is a great help in keeping dates, tasks organized. The size is perfect for a crowded desk. November 14, 2011
Have to have this This will be the 4th year of my purchasing this calendar. Personally, I don't do anything at 7 am but I do wish the times went later in the evening. I use this for personal use as well as business. But, I wouldn't want to change the size.... I am a calendar junkie and this one really functions well for me. I like the heavy paper and can use my fountain pens with out bleeding thru. October 28, 2011
You Had Me Worried Whew! I was sooo worried that Weekly Margin Calendar would not be offered for 2012. I have been using it for a couple of years and love it. I agree with other reviews regarding the "things to do" area being upside down amd am glad to see that this has been changed. I placed my order a few minutes ago so thank you for bringing it back! You had me worried! October 25, 2011
the to do list is upside down! I love the concept and bought it for my freshman son who doesn't have much desk space BUT when it arrived the To Do list pages were upside down and one can't use the calendar as an open two pages at the same time planner. Please fix this! It's a no brainer! December 22, 2010
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