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Ambition Fountain Pen, Pearwood

Price: $120.00
Item: AP12590
A fountain pen paired with pear
Known for its spectacular performance with guitars and violins, pearwood makes an appearance on Faber-Castell’s collection of Ambition pens. Smooth and sturdy, the crafted wood does not splinter or warp. The fountain pen contains a pearwood barrel with chrome-plated appointments.
  • Deep red/brown pearwood barrel
  • High-gloss chrome-plated appointments
  • Snap on cap
  • Stainless steel nib
  • 5 1/2L x 3/8 diameter; 1.2 oz
  • Accepts cartridge or convertor; cartridge included 
  • Made in Germany

Embrace your ambition with this striking fountain pen
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Ambition Fountain Pen Pearwood 4.8 5 6 6
Nice Pen, But Where's the Nib? I ordered this very excellent pen and am amazed at the comfort the wooden handle provides. The ink flows smoothly from the nib, with no mess whatsoever, unlike the True Writer fountain pen I ordered last year that can leave something of an inky mess when refilling the ink cartridge. Still, both pens are now my most treasured writing implements and I expect to have many long years of use out of them. The Ambition pearwood stands to be my all-time favorite. February 17, 2015
Beautiful One of the problems I have with fountain pens is their typically huge diameter. I find pens of that size uncomfortable for any period of time. This one is the perfect balance of weight and diameter, and feels good to use for long periods. Beautifully made, excellent nib. They're proud of it, but it's an excellent pen. February 8, 2015
Way better than the fruit. I write a lot in my professional life (I'm a teacher), and I have never enjoyed taking notes in those tedious staff meetings like I do now. Writing with this pen is effortless, even when taxed with grading history essays and responding to daily homework assignments. I have been thinking about getting a fountain pen for a while now, but was put off by the sheer girth of many of them. This fine pen fits nicely in the hand and is of a circumference that is at once elegant and satisfying. I love it so much, I bought the other two in the Ambition series. I have found that my recreational writing output has increased due to my love of this fine instrument. Buy it. Buy them all. Do yourself a favor. December 25, 2014
My Best Pen When I wanted to upgrade to a better-than-cheap fountain pen, some of the others I tried dug into my fingers because of the threads for the screw-on cap. Many were of the cigar-sized variety, which I find a little distracting. I hoped this pen would be a way of avoiding those problems, and it worked like a charm. It’s very, very smooth writing, feels great on the hand, and is now my favorite pen. In case there is some confusion in the description, not only does it "accept" a converter, but it comes with one included as well. It will take the Levenger ink cartridges without a problem. You can also fit an extra cartridge in the barrel. The wood has a nice feel, and should get smoother over time as it absorbs oil from your hand. I was worried before buying that it might be uncomfortable to hold because of the size difference where the metal meets the wood barrel, but I am pleased to say this is not a problem at all. You don't have to press hard to write and it doesn't bleed through paper too much, although in my experience all fountain pens are heavier on paper than ball points or roller balls (but so much smoother). Putting the cap on the back adds a good amount of weight, as well as length, and that weight might make it too heavy for some writers. But I find the pen is long enough and comfortable to use with the cap off if preferred. It’s not the world’s most affordable good fountain pen, but neither is it outrageously priced, and as far as the pen itself goes, you will get what you pay for. Cons: the box is cheaply made, considering the quality of the pen the sample cartridge it comes with is made of a weaker plastic than other cartridges and can split the metal cap can get a little finger-printy, (however it wipes clean on a shirt or cloth without much fuss) no screw on cap, which some writers might prefer March 1, 2014
Very nice pen This was my first fountain pen purchase and it was an excellent choice. It is very lightweight and comfortable to hold. It writes more smoothly than I could have ever imagined. I was drawn to the aesthetics of the pen. The wood on the pen does feel a little rough at first, but it quickly becomes smoother and richer in color just from the small amount of natural oils on your hands. My only two complaints, which are small, are that I would have preferred the cap to screw on rather than snap on, and that the packaging the pen came in seemed a little cheap. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with how well this pen writes and looks. November 19, 2013
LOVE THIS! I tried the Waterford Celebration pen (two different ones thinking first was defective) then finally came to this one. It is nothing short of fantastic. I love the weighted feel in my hand, i think it is perfect with cap off, some might like a little more weight and leave the cap on back. I use a fine nib and it starts flawlessly every time. The wood feels wonderful in my hand and looks sharp and modern. It isn't as "fat" cigar width as many fountain pens and feels easier to write because of it. Highly recommended. June 21, 2013
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