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Chesterton Espresso Fountain Pen 3.4 5 5 5
Favorite Pen - Needs better ink I received this pen as an exchange for the convertible roller ball, which was a nightmare. I was having the same issues that some of the other reviewers were having. Every time I put the pen down the ink would clump up and the pen would be useless, looked nice on my desk, but that was about it. On a whim, I went to a local store that stocks much more expensive pens, and bought some new ink. Since then this pen has not quit. To test it out, I left it capped on my desk for a week. When I went back to it, it worked perfectly from the first stroke. A much better writer than my $220 Aurora Ipsilon. May 15, 2013
Beautiful, but flawed I received this pen as a gift and it truly is an attractive pen. The resin is of very good quality and the fit and finish is good. Mine came engraved with my initials and the engraving job is perfect. I can vouch that they have resolved any issues with the threading. The pen fills easily with the converted and the nib writes smoothly. I found no skipping or any other problems when writing (Mine is a medium). The one issue I have had is that the nib seems to dry out at a fantastic rate. While there is no problem during writing, if left for a few hours the nib will be completely dry and it will take some effort to restore flow. A filled converter lasts maybe a week if you do no writing at all. At the end a pen is about writing. While this pen is beautiful, I need a pen the writes when the cap is removed. Having to restart the ink flow every time I remove the cap makes this pen not worth the effort. January 14, 2013
Oh dear... Levenger customer service is the best. They have made every attempt (always) to make it right. I have nothing but praise for them! That said, I am disappointed in this pen. The first one I received was not at all worth mentioning. The replacement has, as others noted, an issue with the cap (as did the first.) It does not screw down evenly and easily. It will go, but it takes fiddling and when you are constantly writing, and capping and uncapping, it is not pleasant... I have numerous fountain pens and I am VERY happy with my Cafe Au Lait fountain pen, so perhaps I am comparing everything else to it (along with my Namiki!) But even my much less expensive, grab and go pen-- my Lamy-- writes more smoothly... This pen has a bit of drag to it. The replacement is far better than the first, but this one does seem to have trouble settling in. The weight and the beauty of the pen are outstanding and I truly wish the nib matched the rest of the design. If you are not terribly fussy-- and I admit, I am-- this pen might do. For those who write a lot, who are very particular and pay attention to detail, who want to twist the cap on and off without thought while doing something else, I would steer clear of this pen, sadly. April 22, 2012
Average pen The fountain pen is very attractive and writes smoothly. But the barrel and cap are poorly engineered. This is lots of play between barrel and cap when screwing or unscrewing the cap, and it screws roughly. I have to write with the pen daily to keep the nib web. Even then it takes several strokes to get the ink flowing. When it does flow, however, it writes smoothly. The pen has a nice heft in the hand. You cannot store an extra Levenger (short) ink cartridge in the barrel since the nib won't screw on all the way with an extra installed. Appearance is better than function in this pen's case. January 9, 2012
Squeaky I was surprised when I unscrewed the pen to fill squeaks, and is rough. The nib is smooth and writes about with the same quality I expected. The barrel is not of similar quality for the price. This was a gift with my initials so returning it is not an option. I would suggest another pen. October 15, 2011
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