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Circa 3 x 5 Pocket Dock-it, Letter (set of 2)

Price: $12.00 Now $4.95 Save 59%
Item: ADS5165
Circa 3 x 5 card holder
This sturdy plastic 3 x 5 card holder fits into a Circa notebook or agenda.
  • Set of 2
  • Circa-punched
  • Translucent plastic
  • Letter size has 6 slots per side and holds up to 12 cards
  • Letter, 8 1/2W x 11H
Circa 3 x 5 Pocket Dockit set of 2 4.7 5 20 20
I am SO happy and organized Before finding Levenger I used to use post it notes which would create a mess. This system is perfect to divide up my tasks according to different areas of life. In a glance I can see (or add) a to do for myself. I no longer walk around worried that I forgot something or with a GIANT to do list. This compartment style allows me to quickly grab the card for the type of work I want to do. Love it! Thank you! August 7, 2014
Works As Advertised Does exactly what its designed to do. Not overly thick, so it doesn't add much bulk to your notebook. March 19, 2015
Integral part of my planning and strategy process I have at least one of these in each of my CIrca notebooks. They operate as kind of a docking station for ideas and planning elements I jot down on my ubiquitous 3X5 cards. The design allows for easy organization, review, and reorg of cards. Only one improvement that I can think of: MAKE SOME FOR JUNIOR SIZE NOTEBOOKS! January 8, 2015
Very handy I am always looking for ways to organize my projects. Through the years my work roles have changed. I have many projects I am working on at one time; having one place to keep everything allows me to make sure all take away items are completed. I have one in the front of my Circa planner with contacts and phone numbers and my to do lists from meetings and one in the back of my Circa planner with blank cards so I always have them handy. The holders are sturdy and hold the cards in place so the page doesn’t flip-flop around. I just started using the 3x5 cards, so still coming up with great ideas to use them. December 11, 2014
Best & Only I was looking for a system of organizing the 3X5 cards I use to organize my work projects. A quick Google search turned up Levenger as the sole example of such a system. These plastic pages are perfect! They leave enough space between the cards for titling and quick reference. And their construction is extremely durable. I expect to buy more as needed. October 5, 2014
3x5 pocket This is a very useful product but Levenger could make it so much more practical. A whole page with pockets of different sizes would be better .A calling does not fit sideways and if you want to carry anything larger, you might as well forget. Using your dividers, I have created my own version and it is so much more useful November 23, 2013
Organized privacy I have begun using index cards for my to do list which has been great. I just didn't have a good way to organize them. While I like the visual effect of the bleachers I was happy to discover these as a more private organizer. I can still visually plan out my week but without having them on display for everyone to see. The pages are very high quality -- card like and I ordered enough to have one for every day of the week! October 26, 2013
Wonderful Help I have switched over to card notes and info, but was always misplacing them or getting them mixed up in my categories. The pocket docket is the very best for keeping your cards ready, and organized for meetings, home, school, travel and church. I could not ask for a better product. Thank You October 9, 2013
Sturdy, Versatile, Functional I use the Pocket Dock-It to organize my to-do lists into categories. I like being able to see everything at once, and it’s great to have the cards incorporated into in my daily plan book. The Pocket Dock-it is manufactured with high attention to detail and quality. September 7, 2013
Excellent functionality with flexibility I am very organized but don't think like most other people so using a pre-planned organizing system never really worked for me. When I discovered the Circa 3x5 card system, I was thrilled! Finally a system that let's ME decided how I want to organize my projects/to-do lists and all on one page!!!! Everything!!! And if my master list of projects changes, I just write out new cards. I don't have to turn back to review old notes - which I just don't seem to do. And I got the shirt pocket notebook to hold a few blank 3x5 cards in my wallet so I can jot down notes quickly and "sync" with my larger planner later. I have used my 3x5 card system now for 4 years and although I've dressed it up with fancy covers and discs, I have not moved away from it or found it's function diminished - despite many changes in my business & home life over those 4 years. I can say the same for the other 6 of my friends that bought their own 3x5 card systems after discussing mine with me. None of them have theirs set up exactly like mine and that's the total beauty of this system. It's so flexible. I have fully stocked up on my refills as it appears that Levenger is moving away from the 3x5 system in favor of notebook style planners. I think this is such a tragedy! Most of us now use electronic calendars, contact lists, etc. We don't need paper ones. But we do need a way of keeping track of projects in our multi-faceted lives. The 3x5 system works amazingly well for that. If it is true that they are moving away from the 3x5 card planners, I'll be very sad. September 12, 2011
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