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Circa Task Pads set of 3 5 5 5 5
Great organizational add-on A handy organizational tool. Great for to-do lists, key meeting take-aways, and much more. August 12, 2013
Amazing Little Pads! If I were to rename these pads, I would call them "Memory Pads", "Reminder Pads", or "Tracking Pads" because that is the way I use these pads -- to remind me of a task, a new word or phrase, a phone number, an idea, a thought, or to maintain a list of items I either need, or to keep available a fast and simple mini-inventory of items I have already acquired for a particular project. When I originally purchased these pads, I used them sparingly because of the cost. At some point, I realized that whatever it was that I wanted to address at a different time had a value that for me was far in excess of the 9 to 11 cents of each sheet. So, now, instead of carrying post-it type pads with me, I simply include 2-3 sheets of these in each of my Circa Notebooks, ready for use if I need them and not taking up disc space if I don't need them. July 6, 2013
My little lifesavers! These are literally my little lifesavers. During meetings I can easily track task items while I am taking notes. No flipping to another section of my notebook or going back to my notes later to draw out action items. I simply keep one of these pages handy and jot "to do" items as we go along. Then it easily transfers out of my meeting notes and into my "to do" section. I keep a pad in the car, and in my purse for notes on the go! Now if they only had a cover fit to size and different colors! 3 pack - 3 colors! Blue, pink, yellow maybe? September 28, 2011
Touchable I love these, but I don't quite know why. I use them in and out of the notebook. They're great for writing little notes to myself. To use the other side all you do is flip it over. Blue is not my favority color, but every now and then I like iving on the edge. October 17, 2008
great product LOVE these...works great with different size notebooks if you use more than one size...wonderful addition to the Circa line...please make them in different colors! (~10 yr Circa user) July 10, 2008
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