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True Writer Caf au Lait Fountain Pen 4.7 5 23 23
Excellent Value This pen surprised me, for the price I was not expecting a whole lot. But on opening the package I was impressed by the look of the product. It was very clean, had a much more expensive look than what I had expected. I loved the fact that it could hold two ink cartages, and as for writing. I is as smooth as any more expensive pen on the market. The ink flows beautifully and doesn't blot like I sometimes get with my more expensive Parker pens. I use this pen all the time, I love the fine point, so far it's my favorite. Talk about a value. This is one of the best values I've seen in a long time, and it's a beautiful pen to boot! Thank you Levenger... November 11, 2013
Very unhappy with this product I purchased this pen for myself for Christmas. I used only Waterman and Parker fountain pens previously. I wanted a fine nib and liked the colors and that it could contain a second refill in its barrel. The nib is scratchy on paper, the storage for the second refill is misleading since their refills only contain half the ink of my other fountain pens and the weight is not evenly distributed to hold comfortably in my hand. I would have returned after trying it for a couple of weeks but I had it monogramed. I will not purchase another Levenger fountain pen. March 19, 2013
Love it too much. This pen is smooth and beautiful. Its only downside is that it seems a little see through. It was a bit disappointing when I first opened the box. So far I have encountered no other issues. August 13, 2012
Great Birthday present I love this pen! The color, the style, and the weight of the pen make writing with it fun. It is a great birthday present for someone who doesn't want anything with a cord, needs watering or dusting. July 21, 2012
FIrst Fountain pen I have been using Levenger ballpoint pens for years. I was concerned about leaking and such with fountain pens. Finally, my family gave me this for Christmas - it is a joy! Writing with a fountain pen is easier than I ever imagined. I don't carry this with me because I am so afraid of losing it! I will soon be selecting another fountain pen to carry with me, one for the office, etc. July 20, 2012
My Favorite! This is my favorite pen. I have a Namiki I love, but this is the one I pick up most often with which to write. I have had it for months now and it has been consistent and always at the ready. I write a lot-- from my journal, to poetry, to prose, to everyday note taking. This pen does not leave my house, however! I like it TOO much! It is beautiful; the weight and feel are perfect for my hand. The cap screws on easily -- off and on-- and I am frequently known to do that with one hand while I am shifting papers with my other. Never an issue, never a snag. It is beautiful, elegant, and writes smoothly on most any paper. Can't ask for more. Except maybe to trade my Espresso pen for another one of these... :-) April 22, 2012
All Great Things Have At Least One Flaw This pen is a wonderful item. I received mine as a gift from a family member. This is one of the most expensive fountain pens that I have owned and quite frankly, the twenty dollar fountain pen wrote better. This pen is awesome in the way that it is designed and built but the ink-flow is a problem. After writing with this pen for about three days, the ink has not been consistent. The nib is medium and I am using the Levenger Brand ink. While I am writing the ink is coming out in stages. It is not very smooth. But, other than this one issue I have found, I am very pleased. This is a very nice writing utensil and I would recommend it. April 8, 2012
What a smooth pen I've had a fountain pen from here and really liked it. I purchased this pen a couple months ago and absolutely fell in love. This pen is so smooth in all writings. I use this pen for everything but my checks. There is one small problem, as everyone else says, the tip I ordered was suppose to be FINE, well it writes like a Medium. I wish they would come up with a smaller tip and all would be well. March 23, 2012
Outstanding After many years absence, I returned to writing with a fountain pen with the True Writer Cafe au Lait. It writes like a dream, smoothly and easily. It is a gorgeous pen; everyone wants to hold it. It is the kind of pen that converts people from ballpoint to the elegance of a fountain pen. The gold on the nib is beautiful - I wish that all True Writer pens had this feature. I have now ordered stationery and look for every opportunity to use my pen. February 14, 2012
Excelent purchase This is my second purchase of a fountain pen. This is by far my favorite. It writes so smooth, better than any ball point pen I own. It is ready to write as soon as I pick it up. It also holds ink very well. I only have one small complaint, and it's not a big one, I bought the small nib and it writes I think like a medium. The pen is fine , I just wish Lavenger would make a smaller nib. January 14, 2012
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