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Circa Monthly Tabs Pullout CalendarJunior 2012 2.1 5 15 15
Dissapointed beating the dead horse and am happy to read that Levenger is fixing the problem (glossy finish) for 2013. MY main complaint (and frankly am surprised no one has mentioned this issue) is that you can't buy next year's planner until around January! Obviously people who are buying these are using them to PLAN ahead and not having the ability to do so a year in advance is really annoying. You DO give us the pullout but it's not the same nor do we have enough room to write detailed info on it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, will you please start having future years available to purchase? I'm in the wedding planning industry and LOVE the circa system but HATE not being able to write in the events I schedule for 2013. Anybody with me?? Thank you for your time! P.S. You used to have a wooden iPad desk charger with a little drawer with a single silver knob. It was really cool and I was going to buy one but then it dissapeared from the catalog & website! :( Any idea if you're bringing it back? (I think people weren't buying it because it was priced a bit too high but it was very sleek!!). June 6, 2012
Glassy Paper = unwelcome change Like the others here have already said, I'm not diggin' the glossy paper. My pencil erasing smears. Otherwise, the paper weight and quality is good. I also like that you reduced the amount of space the plastic tabs take up to mount on the page, so that they don't interfere with the writing area! That's a huge improvement that's been bugging me for years. January 17, 2012
I am having the same problem as others with regards to the glossy paper and not being able to erase pencil and write on top of the erased area. Will you be reprinting the 2012 monthly tabs on the old paper? I would be willing to purchase or exchange for a new set. But right now, this product is not meeting my needs and I'm trying to find another way to organize myself. January 12, 2012
I, too, have been using these monthly calendar for years and have loved them, until now. I'm not a huge fan of the heavier lines but can live with them. I absolutely hate how the glossy paper doesn't work with pencil erasures. I, too, would be happy to buy a reissued set of 2012 tabs. January 12, 2012
Not as bad as reviews say, but.... While it IS true that these are not like last year's, and that you CANNOT cleanly erase, they are still usable. The setup of the pages is great, and I still love the lists on the front and the back. I'm going to give it a try. I am dedicated to the Circa system, and these ARE the only option at this time for monthly pages. However, I hope that Levenger is keeping in mind that anyone who decides they dislike these pages enough to switch to something else, may switch away from Circa entirely...certainly a bigger loss than just re-printing these pages for the loyal customers who use Circa as their planner. January 3, 2012
Very Disappointed I've just started using the 2012 Circa calendar and am very disappointed with the glossy paper. It is difficult to erase, virtually impossible to write over an erased area, and certainly difficult to read rewritten information. Because I make frequent schedule changes, it is very frustrating. It would be one thing if I hadn't invested so much in setting up a Circa system, but I'm not sure this is going to work for me this year. As a professional organizer, I regret that I recommended the Circa calendar to clients before I knew what the pages were like. January 3, 2012
Too much quality is not a good thing I was hoping the reviews about how the paper change for calendars were wrong. Frankly, I have always been frustrated by the inability to erase cleanly. The reason I still keep a paper calendar is for easy and immediate access and to make frequent changes. Please find a way to keep the high quality but using a paper that enables us to make clean erasures. After erasing, it is almost impossible to rewrite over the area. Please consider function--not just feel and look of your products, which in general, I love ... December 31, 2011
Oh No!!!! Please reissue this product! I must reiterate what all the other reviewers have said. I have used these Circa pages for years...and love the monthly calendar. I too have such a busy schedule that everything must be entered in pencil. The glossy paper does not allow any erasing (after your erase, the pencil doesn't work) and even originally writing in pencil is difficult. Writing in ink smears due to the gloss. In addition, the dark font and dark lines are very distracting. I am so disappointed!! Would it be possible for Levenger to reissue the 2012 monthly tabs the way they were in 2011? I use the product so much that I am willing to repurchase another set of 2012 if so. Please advise. December 16, 2011
Monthly Tabbed Agenda - Slick Paper The design of this calendar is great. The paper, however, ruins the product. The pages are slick and ink just smears across the pages. I can write in it and let the pages stay open for a while and it will dry. Otherwise, everything is a mess. Not very professional looking. Disappointed. December 9, 2011
Some better, some worse I have been using the monthly tab and pull-out calendar for a couple years and love the functionality of it. It's great that the plastic on the tabs don't cover a portion of the days anymore. However, you don't include a new Personal Information page so one can easily enter their new/changed details especially if you've to change job since the past year. November 23, 2011
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