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2 Levenger Easy Flow Ballpoint Refills

Price: $9.00
Item: PR1330
This ballpoint pen refill is a smooth operator
Our Easy Flow ballpoint pen refills offer a smooth, nearly effortless write. The ink literally glides out of your ballpoint without the application of extra pressure necessary for most ballpoint refills, so you can capture thoughts faster.
  • Fits all True Writer ballpoints and most other ballpoint pens
  • Set of 2 refills
  • Medium (1.0 mm), with a write-out of 32,808 ft
  • Made in Germany
2 Levenger Easy Flow Ballpoint Refills 4.1 5 9 9
Great refills for terrific pens I've been using my Levenger pen for four years now and can't imagine being parted from it. These refills seem bottomless. Hard to beat free shipping. December 14, 2013
Smooth as a Rollerball Used these refills in my new True Writer ballpoint and it is one of the smoothest writing pens I have ever used. It writes as smoothly and quickly as some of my rollerball pens. It's quickly become my favorite. Highly recommended. July 2, 2015
Pynchonesque Echoing the svelte and aerodynamic silhouettes of the (also German?) V-2 Rockets of the last World War, the stylish yet functional refill seems out of place hidden within the casing of the Carbon F pen. April 16, 2015
Hopes dashed I was so happy with my L-Tech pen that I thought for sure the Levenger Easy Flow refills would break my addiction to a competitor's gel ink refills. Being optimistic, I bought a six-pack of mediums in blue. Despite the impressive write out stats, after just a short time the ink flow became frustratingly blotchy and inconsistent. Bleeding wasn't an issue as lack of ink flow was significant. Anything but effortless and smooth. Perhaps a regular ballpoint refill in broad would be better. Or the competitor's gel ink.... April 8, 2015
Great refills These write with the smoothness of a gel refill. Great quality! March 26, 2015
Favorite ballpoint refills!! A number of my pens take "Parker-style" refills and these are THE BEST!! Crazy smooth and wonderfully dark, I'm seriously impressed. The line is quite bold (1.0 mm) which I like well enough, but a finer option (0.5 or 0.7 mm) would also be nice. I will keep my "refill storage box" stocked with these! August 31, 2013
Surprised by bleeding I love Levenger pens and especially ink products. I purchased the Easy Flow ballpoint refills in medium blue and am very disappointed. The ink keeps bleeding out in spots as you would experience with a bad gel pen. It's something I've never experienced before with Levenger ink. I don't know if I received a bad batch or if these just don't work for me. I'll stick to regular ball point refills and roller balls. January 9, 2012
Excellect This ink writes as well and smoothly as rollerball ink, but with a crisper finish and neater look on paper. I prefer it to gel ink, as well. If only it came in a finer point. The medium is nice, but the option of fine point would be better. Highly recommended. January 24, 2009
Fabulous These refils are smoother than a roller ball, but don't suffer from excess ink bleeding you may experience with gel inks. February 29, 2008
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