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  • Chroma Topper Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Topper Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Topper Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Topper Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Topper Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Topper Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Topper Stylus Ballpoint Pen
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Chroma Topper Stylus Ballpoint Pen

Price: $34.00
Item: AP16018
A ballpoint pen and stylus with smart duality
The contours of this ballpoint stylus pen are what make it a pleasure to hold and a cinch to write with. By simply moving the pen cap from one end to the other, you can easily switch between using the ballpoint pen and stylus.
  • The high-sensitivity, omni-directional stylus point will not scratch or smudge your device’s screen
  • Brass barrel with an aluminum alloy pen cap
  • 4 13/16W x 3/8 diameter; 1.4 oz
  • We offer ballpoint refills
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Chroma Topper Stylus Ballpoint Pen 4.4 5 33 33
great pen I have a large hand. This pen is easy to hold and write with. The stylus works well with all of my devices. I would absolutely recommend this pen. September 25, 2014
Nice pen I bought it to be able to Use my Motorola Citrus phone; still won't hit the Contacts-keys. But the pen works, as a pen. January 15, 2015
Wonderful Balanced I love the weight and balance of this pen. I only hope you come up with a replacement stylis. That's the only reason for the four star over all rating. January 1, 2015
Disappointed I purchased this stylus-pen approximately 1 year ago. I rated it as excellent under function, quality and style. However, I rated it poor under value and overall rating. The only reason is you do not offer a replacement stylus. It makes no sense to me why are unable to do so when you offer for other products. December 24, 2014
Great Stylus I bought this pen-stylus for my husband, but asked my tech-savvy daughter to test it out. She was very skeptical; she'd tried using a stylus and found it clumsy. But this stylus was different. Scrolling through email on her iPad was so much easier. The weight of the pen and the responsiveness of the stylus tip made the experience much more enjoyable. In the end, she was so reluctant to hand it back, I had to order her a pen-stylus of her own. December 18, 2014
My new favorite I love this pen! It's got a great weight, cool design and the stylus works great (I'm using it now)! I bought one in each color;) December 11, 2014
Weighty but worth it I bought this stylus pen for my own personal use, thinking the chunky body would work well with my disability (I have both rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome). It is in fact easy for me to hold, and I love the shorter length of the pen. But the weight is much more than I'd expected, and sometimes creates a problem. That being said, both the ballpoint and the stylus work wonderfully--I especially love the mesh stylus. Wish the pen was not quite so heavy...but otherwise I'm very happy with it. Well worth the price! December 11, 2014
Liked it so much, I have 2 Quality produce? Check. Sylish? Check. Stylus performs better than standard rubber tip? Double Check. I liked this stylus so well, I purchased a 2nd one. November 13, 2014
Chromo Topper Very nice pen. Smooth operation, substantial weight , classic design but with a tech twist. November 13, 2014
could be better I was excited that this product was offered as a promotional item because I've been looking for a stylus/pen combo but haven't been willing to shell out the money for one. The ballpoint pen writes incredibly smoothly, as I've come to expect of Levenger pens in general. Even for a ballpoint (the most basic of pens), this is a stellar item. The stylus itself works well on my tablet and phone (since I used it on both when I first got the pen). In a quiet room when reading and annotating a journal article for example, you can hear the fibers' movement when touching the pen to the stylus. At first, I wasn't sure if that would be annoying, but its generally fine and even a little amusing to me. If you generally prefer a quieter stylus, however, it is something to keep in mind. The weight of the item is a little more than I was expecting (and compared to other styli), but I have no strong feelings in either direction about it. It is worth mentioning in a review, however, in the event that weight is a consideration for others. Its a bit shorter than most conventional pens, which is a common complaint I have of most styli, but the added girth and weight of this one may add to my mild displeasure at the length of this pen. My biggest issue with the item is the round part at the center of the pen (where the top stops). Its a little rough around the edges, making me concerned I'll cut myself on it at some point. It hasn't happened yet thankfully, but that does mean that I have to be very careful when using it and remember not to rest the pen on top of my tablet when I walk away. October 2, 2014
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