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Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen

Price: $47.00
Item: AP9450
Lightweight aluminum Lamy fountain pen
Regarded worldwide as a pioneer in modern pen design, Lamy has been a chief innovator in the field for decades. Taking its shape from Lamy's classic Safari line and engineered to demanding specifications, the glossy Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen feels great in your hand. Like the Safari, the AL-Star has a distinctive flexible brass clip and is pleasingly lightweight. Founded in 1930, Lamy develops and produces all its products at its factory in Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Chromium-plated nib
  • Uses a cartridge or converter (converter not included)
  • Ink reservoir has a window that allows you to see your ink supply
  • Sturdy metal barrel
  • Flexible brass wire clip
  • Cap snaps securely into place
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum
  • 5 5/9L x 5/9 diameter; 0.6 oz
  • We offer Lamy fountain pen refills
  • We also recommend Levenger bottled ink
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Lamy Al Star Fountain Pen 4.8 5 10 10
Poem Lamy Safari My sturdy weapon of choice For stalking typos April 14, 2010
A workhouse fountain pen This is a workhouse fountain pen. I use it daily to write in my journal and I write about five 8X10 pages a day. It takes Lamy ink cartridges and bottled ink in the converter extremely well. The best part is you can purchase additional Lamy nibs to fit (like Calligraphy nibs) and enhance your cursive writing with just a nib change. I keep the pen standing up in a pencil cup and I clean the pen every week and it keeps on writing beautifully. October 3, 2012
A pen I'm not afraid to use I've had several fountain pens over the years, beginning with a very inexpensive Scheaffer. A few months ago, my backpack was stolen, which contained both my Namiki Retractable and a brushed chrome True Writer. I was more bummed by the loss of the True Writer because it flowed so well and was more comfortable to hold than the Namiki, but I had always liked the Namiki because of the fineness of the nib. I'm a leftie, and fountain pens have always meant accepting the fact that my palm was going to blot the page as I wrote unless I used a fine point and quick-drying ink. I decided, post-Christmas, to stock up on some Circa supplies and maybe replace my two lost pens with at least one pen that would write well, look good, and have the option of a fine nib--all at a reasonable price. I can't afford a pen that I can't afford to replace, if that makes sense. I've looked at the Lamys for years in the catalogue, and I decided to take a chance on a blue AL Star with an Extra Fine Nib (even though I'd still like an Obsidian True Writer). It arrived two days ago, and I am really pleased with it. I'm a college professor, and I decided purposely NOT to use my cheapo ballpoints for the last couple days but to treat my Lamy as my everyday pen. It clips to my shirt securely or caps tightly enough for me to trust shoving it into my pants pocket. I went with the AL Star instead of the Safari because the housing is metal, which looks better, and because the AL star is available with an EF nib. The pen writes great! I'm using it with Levenger Cobalt Blue (I already had a bottle on hand), and the ink flows well. The EF is a true fine line, but without the scratchiness that can come with that. As I said in my title, at $45, I'm not afraid to take this pen with me, instead of leaving it on my desk. January 20, 2012
Amazing Pen! Received my Ruby pen with a extra fine nib and was expecting it to be rather scratchy as EF nibs can be. Well, to my surprise this has to be the smoothest nib I've written with. It glided along so well that I had to make an effort to slow down and catch up with it! Love this pen!!! January 2, 2012
Masculine Weight I love fountain pens but the previous two I had (not purchased via Levenger) were lighter, smaller and well-balanced in my hand. I'm old-fashioned enough at 44 to still love to write letters by hand, but am using this pen everywhere as my other pens cannot find refills anymore. In comparison, I find the LAMY not terribly well-balanced, and somewhat heavy. For instance, I had to adjust my writing slightly to keep the flow and often write without the cap on the back end of the pen. No one else has mentioned the issues, so maybe they are not affected. The looks of the pen are great, however, and I am still opting to use this over my typical ballpoints. I am hoping to find some lighter fountain pens but now feel the need to hold them before purchase ... like a good mug of coffee, it should just feel right in your hand. December 19, 2011
Solid Pen I bought one of these about fourteen years ago, and picked up a second, plastic one about six years ago. They are solid writers with sturdy and reliable nibs. These were designed to introduce high school kids to fountain pens, and because of that they are built solid as rocks. This is the pen that I carry in the field, and I wouldn't trade it for a DuPont! February 22, 2011
Great affordable pen I purchased two of these pens on others recommendations after a more expensive pen was lost. This pen has proven to be reliable and comfortable to use. I love the "window" letting you know when you are low on ink. I use the levenger ink with the converter and am very happy with both products. If you are looking for an affordable pen to carry every day this is a great one to buy. September 13, 2010
Superb Extra Fine Nib As a college prof, I must grade papers, and have long looked for a good pen with a fine line. A "Fine" nib sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, depending on the paper and ink. The Extra Fine nib on this AL-star Lamy is superb, and at this price, an outstanding value. Note, however, that some inks are better than others. My bottle of Levenger's "Skies of Blue" is borderline too broad (again, often depending on paper); whereas an old bottle of Parker Green is excellent. May 1, 2010
Best fountain pen for every day use I love fountain pens, although I am just busy enough and absent-minded enough that I need to replace a lost pen on a much too regular basis (meaning that I buy a lot of mid-priced pens). This pen is light, modern looking yet classy, and really, really usable. I love the way it writes, weaving thin, neat lines across the page. I love the way it rests so comfortably in my hand without slipping. If you want a pen that's fits weightily in your hand and writes with a big, broad gesture, then this is not the pen for you. But if you want a friend to bring with you everywhere, this is it. May 1, 2010
Lamy All-star fountain pen I have two of these in Blue, and they are just absolutely lovely to write with, perfectly balanced and a very even feed of ink. I use them daily, and enjoy them immensely. December 3, 2009
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