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TruGrip Material Stains Easily My first ever Levenger purchase was this yellow TruGrip ballpoint pen and a Bomber Jacket Circa Zip Folio. What I had hoped would be a rather unique writing instrument has turned out to be a bit of an embarrassment. You see, the dye from the leather in the folio has stained the pen. Whatever the TruGrip material is made from, it has soaked up some of the color from the folio and now it looks terrible. July 3, 2013
Nice pen, Poor ink This is my first levenger pen purchase, and while I am very pleased with the pen weight, feel and quality for the price, the ink it came with did not meet my expectations. I have been writing with it for a couple of days now, and the ink is continuing to skip (whole words even!) and leaves blotches at times. My only other concern is that the matted texture of the pen will get marked up. It already has an ink mark, and a grey line marked on it from 2 days of use, keeping it in the case between writing. Not sure how those happened.... Overall I'm happy with my purchase, and would recommend the pen to others, I would just hope their pen would come with better ink in it. June 23, 2013
Great Pen - Great Value First time writing a review. These pens look heavier in the photo, but are not. The weight is just right for the balance. They feel so light in your hand, and just glide. I love the Levenger ink that was in the pen as well. I gave this pen 5 stars. I collect fine pens, Visconti, Parker, DuPont, etc... and this beats them all. It's my new everyday writing pen. I find every excuse to write with it! February 20, 2013
COOL PEN! I got this pen in yellow and it is GREAT! It feels comfortable in my hand, both in weight and actual grip of this pen. I ordered mine with my name and it looks nice; think it makes the pen more fun! The ever-so-smooth writing is fantastic, could write for hours and my hand doesn't get tired. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! ... you will too! (my friends sure did when I showed them this pen!) September 22, 2012
Buy This Pen! This is my first review for Levenger. I've been using the pen for a few weeks now and seem to love it more every time I use it. The wider barrel and the grip are the best I've ever found. I prefer a broad point and was easily able to change with the available Levenger refills. I purchased a second pen in black - however, would prefer to have other options such as Lime Green or Purple. July 15, 2012
Heavy but good I recently took advantage of a sale to buy a TrueGrip Ballpoint. I had to settle for black because the purple is no longer available -- I'd have preferred purple. When the pen arrived, I took it out and immediately, I didn't like it because it was the *heaviest* pen I had *ever* picked up. Right away, I decided to send it back. But then, I thought I would try it out fairly before sending it back, since it's a lot of trouble, especially from Canada. So I used it for a couple of days, and I decided I liked the way it writes. Of course, I had to replace the refill it came with, with a Parker gel refill, which you can do for any of the Levenger ballpoints -- the refill that came in it would barely write and skipped so badly, it was worthless. I have bought some of these ballpoint refills from Levenger in the past and they are just useless. But with the Parker refill, it writes perfectly. In spite of weighing a ton, I decided the pen wrote very nicely, and I've decided to keep it. If the purple ever comes back, I might think about getting that, too. I gave it a "4" overall because it is so heavy. May 12, 2012
LOVE! I just love this pen. I have one in each color! It's substantial in diameter and weight - and the surface coating makes for a fabulous grip! I agree with a previous reviewer about the Parker Gel refills - but the regular Levenger ballpoint pen refills make for an excellent writing experience as well. I would and do recommend these to others (and have bought several for gifts). May 4, 2012
Great pen, tip on ink This is a fantastic pen, as other reviewers have eloquently described. I write just to stress that you can use Parker Gel refills, which make it the perfect pen. You can use these same refills in other Levenger ballpoint pens, greatly improving the overall quality. June 29, 2011
Awesome Pen!! This pen is awesome. I have been looking for a pen with a good grip for some time now. I own several TrueWriters but over time I grew dissatisfied with the grip because after writing for an extended period my fingers would start to hurt. I had been on the verge of spending on a new matte Cross pen when Levenger came out with this pen. The grip is absolutely fabulous! The pen has some heft to it but it fits so perfectly in my hand that I have been using it for everything. The material used for the pen feels soft to the touch but is firm. As a person who gets sweaty hands at times, I highly recommend this pen because the material provides the perfect grip. As a pen twirler I have an even firmer grip now. :) No more pen flying out of my hands. The only reason I didn't give this pen 5 stars is because I have noticed after a few weeks that the coating on the pen has started to peel in some areas. This could be because this pen gets a lot of use but I am not sure. I usually keep this pen in my moleskine cover from Levenger so I am not sure if it snagged on the leather or what. That is the only small down fall of the pen. Overall, this is an excellent pen and I have plans to purchase another one in blue or the rollerball in black. I wish the rollerball came in purple too. June 6, 2011
Good Value I bought this pen to use in lieu of a Retro 51 Big Shot. I am happy with the purchase. The pocket clip is sturdy and has higher tension than other pens I have used. I find I use a fingernail to pull the clip out a tad when placing it in a shirt pocket. i am not concerned this pen will fall out due to a loose hold. The bead at the end of the clip is smooth and makes it easy to remove from the pocket when the pen is pulled. I took off one star for function because the twist top is smooth and not knurled or striated. I find it difficult at times to twist the pen open one handed. It opens quite easily if I use two hands, one to twist the top and one to hold the base. I would prefer a knurled top similar to the Retro 51 style for ease of one hand opening. The feel of the pen is excellent. The barrel material has some give but is firm beneath, while offering purchase yet remaining smooth. The dichotomy is delicious. The pen has a nice weight and balance. It is heavier than the Retro 51 Big Shot. The ink was a bit spotty at first. My first impressions are that the ink seems temperature sensitive. On cool/cold days the ink seemed to skip and flowed fine once the pen was warm/room temperature again. I bought several refills with it and I will evaluate the ink over time. As to the appearance and flow of the ink when things are working properly, I like it. A nice smooth flow with good response to varied pressure. A nice feature is that I can use the same ink in a Retro 51, they are size compatible. This is my first time trying out the Levenger ink and I still have some Schmidt 9000 inks that I was using in my Big Shot which will also work with this model. I am overall pleased with the TruGrip Ballpoint by Levenger. It is a fine pen at an excellent price. In my accompanying image I used a 3x5 card as a backdrop and a Retro 51 Big Shot as an additional reference for size. April 23, 2011
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