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LTech Fountain Pen 4.2 5 17 17
A Rotring 600 Substitute??? Nah! If you're buying this pen thinking, oh, I'm luck to replace my Rotring 600 series FP, then think again; this is not as good as the Rotring at all. Let's be clear, it has a great built quality but the nib (which is the most important feature) lacks the Gold and Gold plated Rotring 600 Series, not to mention that it's not as smooth either. For the price, I don't think it'll break your budget but I could've bought two TWSBI 540 since they write much smoother. Best February 22, 2013
I love this pen I have not had the problems with this pen that a few reviewers identified. It appears Levenger has worked through the issues identified and I would recommend this pen to anyone who want a solid instrument that make a very definite statement. The pen's weight is substantial in a very comforting way. The pen writes beautifully and I find myself doodling with it simply because I enjoy the way it writes and feeling of it in my hand. December 2, 2012
Disappointing in the end When I first received this pen, a couple of months ago, I was very pleased. The appearance and weight were excellent, and the writing was good (not great, the included tip is very fine for a medium, but good). However, as many other reviewers have noted, the cap is seriously flawed, and it has ruined my enjoyment of this item now. It doesn't screw on well, and just a bit of movement makes it come lose in the pocket, so when you go to use it, you get the cap and the pen falls either in your pocket, ruining a shirt, or on the floor, which happened to me, bending the nib. As I wanted a new nib in any case, after checking I discovered that to ship me a new nib is $10 more than the already quite high price of the nib itself, and almost half of the pen in total. Also, the same problem now means that putting the cap on the end of the pen while you're writing no longer works well (it slips off at the least motion), making the whole writing experience frustrating and no longer enjoyable. I would have to say I do not recommend this pen until or unless the cap problem is fixed, and I suggest Levenger offer a USPS (e.g. regular mail) shipping service for replacement parts to make them attainable. October 24, 2012
Quite heavy (though as an object, beautiful) This L-tech Fountain pen is beautiful . . . to look at. The problem is two-fold: The only choice for pen nib is medium (I very much prefer a fine, or extra-fine nib), and more importantly, the pen is VERY heavy. It is much larger than I anticipated (the pictures appeared otherwise), and at least for me, the beveled sides left a groove on my fingers after only a few minutes. I am a writer who uses a pen for long periods of time. What a disappointment. Though this is, indeed, Levenger quality, it doesn't suit my needs, and it may not yours. It is nice "masculine" pen, but for this woman, a bit too heavy and large. Sigh. May 5, 2012
Fabulous pen, one of my most used After my overwhelmingly positive experience with the rollerball, I ordered myself one of the fountain pens. I use Levenger ink in the converter and the ink flow and quality is exceptional. The pen is a breeze to fill (which I have to do frequently because I use it so much). It feels perfect in the hand, and it flows across the page very naturally. The nib is very high quality. This is the pen I use most for my daily writing. April 14, 2012
Favorite fountain pen I have an extensive collection of fountain pens in nearly every price range. This is now the pen I use most often. As others have said, it resembles the Rotring 600, which I own as well. However, the L tech pen writes BETTER than the Rotring. It has a very smooth, generous ink flow, and the medium nib is on the broad side of medium, which I prefer December 10, 2011
Try some pipe tape. I love the way my L-Tech fountain pen writes. Like others however, I was disappointed in the plastic threads on the cap. They wore out quickly and after that the cap wouldn't stay on. My solution was to wrap the metal threads of the barrel with some pipe tape from the hardware store and trim it. It's only noticeable if you look closely and it keeps the cap on securely. April 6, 2011
Excellent Value Ordered this pen because I liked the style--similar to a higher priced, but classic, pen. I did change out the nib for a narrow point and have been more than satisfied with it. I use it virtually every day for writing and note taking. I do wish there were an .05 pencil to go with it. I have many pens, but I do use this more than others. It feels good in my hand and writes a good line. What more can you say about a pen! December 27, 2010
Great except Cap Please don't discontinue this pen....but just fix the cap. With more threads so it will stay on more securely. November 24, 2010
For gosh sakes fix the cap This is a great pen and I love it and continue to carry and use it despite the fact that the cap repeatedly comes off in my pocket. The threads as stated in most of the other reviews should be metal - not plastic. Please let me know when/if you come out with a fixed version and I'll buy another one. November 18, 2010
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