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Nantucket iPad Cylinder Stand 3.5 5 6 6
unobtrusive and helpful I needed something between a typing stand and a small lectern, and here it is -- perfectly capable of managing reference books large and small, and not forgetting a convenient spot for storing paper clips, book points, and my little one-sheet paper cutter. And it looks great! March 22, 2013
Works great on my desk I really like this little stand for my iPad on my desk at work. It is the perfect height upon which to work and I like that it give my iPad a little prominence so that my colleagues realize it is there and not to bump it or put stuff on top of it, as might occur if I just had it sitting in its sleeve. I keep it just to the right of my main workspace and it is always handy. It's nicely made from real wood and the little rubber feet keep the iPad in place. Great value, too. March 19, 2013
Depends on what you expect I purchased this on clearance, and at the time did not own a tablet to use on it. If you are looking for a nice sized container to put on a desk and use to store post-it notes, index cards, safety glasses, etc., which was my plan for it, you will likely be pretty happy with it. I did end up with a 10" android tablet after I purchased it, and when I try to use it for its intended purpose, it fails miserably. The little dots on it that should grip the tablet are not anywhere near able to grab the tablet and keep it from sliding right off. I will likely make some new dots with larger surface area out of silicone caulk and cornstarch, or purchase some kind of polymer dots to place on it and see if it works better. The angle seems like it would work well if the tablet would stay on it, so I have not given up hope yet. As far as quality goes, it is a pieced together bamboo tube, so, when it is cut at an angle, there are some splintered edges and such. They have all been sanded off, so it is not going to snag on anything or poke you, but it isn't the smoothest cut I have ever seen. I rather like mine, but again, I bought it knowing that it probably would not work for what it was advertised at. I have always loved Levenger items, owning a number of leather portfolios, enough circa gear to supply many small offies, and numerous fountain pens. For the most part, I view Levenger stuff as items that I could probably not find anywhere else. This item seems more like something I would find at World Market, Pier 1, or someplace similar. March 19, 2013
Nice design, poor function I liked the design of the stand, but unfortunately it didn't hold my iPad very well. The iPad would simply slip off the stand. I was bummed, as the stand looked promising. The return process, of course, was seamless and I highly recommend Levenger. April 11, 2012
USELESS product Does not hold my iPad 3 at all. The device just slips right off the stand. The attached pads do not provide traction at all. I would have returned it for a refund but the product price was not worth the effort of mailing it April 7, 2012
Nantucket Ipad stand This has become one of my favorite of pieces of innovative usefulness. It may be labeled as an Ipad stand but it also works wonderfully as a stand for my Kindle Fire. It's light, sturdy and very portable. February 14, 2012
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